WINTER FASHION- Jahangir Alam, Fashion Designer


In course of the season, it is Agrahayan, the Nabanyo (harvest) month and late autumn season in Bangladesh now. Winter will come after 6 months. In the meantime, cold air has started blowing already. The Morning mist, dew wet grass and air frost are spreading the arrival massage of winter.

People are getting busy in buying their favorite winter cloths. Many of them are also collecting winter cloths from different fashion houses according to their own taste. This year a huge variety is being noticed in young folks’ winter cloths. Designers have brought changes in color and design besides cutting. Fashion concerned young people want to present themselves bit of severally. So this season, they are choosing their winter cloths focusing on style and comfort.

Ladies cloth takes a large part of the fashion world. Ladies cardigan, sweater, jacket, long coat, blazer etc are favorable.  But nowadays sweater is at the top of the ladies winter cloth list. Massive diversity is noticeable in these cloths. This sweater is long enough almost like tops, thick & thin, very attractive, especially   stylish in color and cutting. Besides this, long sleeved to elbow sweaters and sweaters with large shaped button and chain in front are being also seemed valuables. Sweater is very appropriate, elegant and chivalrous for body in casual environment.  Desired and seasonable sweaters increase the beauty and fitness appeal of body manifold. But wearing sweaters considering skin color, age, profession and body structure seems fancier. A special kind of sweater with a little more length has been made especially for young women following western culture. An over flip is used in the neck in these sweaters which can be used as an alternate of scarf. But nowadays mixed styled sweaters are more preferable than basic wool knitted sweaters. Zipper, button or hood can be found in sweaters like jackets these days. Some have various attractive styles of aplic, sticker and wash.

Though sweater is very appropriate with the casual fashion, corporate personalities need suit-coat or blazers for maintaining corporal style. Proper color choosing for suit is also very important like black, maroon, blue, off-white and gray colored suit. But one must wear blazer or coat considering the structure of body and face. Striped designs are good for people having less height whereas monochromatic blazers are suitable for good height. People with average height can were anything. two buttoned blazers for over weighed people and three buttoned blazers for thin and average body shaped people seems appropriate.


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