Living with Music- Iman Chakraborty


Iman Chakraborty is one of the most brilliant upcoming Rabindra sangeet& folk singer, her way of singing, her charismatic presentation on the stage and her voice quality has been extensively cherished. Iman started learning music at a very tender age. Besides Rabindra sangeet she has learned Indian Classical music and folk songs from different part of India. She is regular on television and stage. Her smart tentative as well as genuine presentation has been gladly accepted by the people. She is an excellent vocalist who developed the knowledge of all kinds of songs. The eloquence and great style of her singing attracts the concentration of the crowd. People are more inclined towards her way of expression when she sings. Her fame as a Rabindrasangeet and folk singer in Kolkata is immeasurably considered in the present-day.

  1. To begin with, can you speak a little bit about yourself? How did you start your journey as a singer?
  • I am a regular ordinary person who lives in a simple way. Nowadays singing is my profession. It is my love and passion. From my very childhood, I was all concerned about music only and nothing else. My aimed point was always being a singer though I never thought of working that much professionally. But I was mind-set about making singing as the main goal of my life. Thus I started taking my music lesson from my mother Sreemati Krishna Chakraborty. Later Sree Raj Kumar Roy, Sree Abhijit Basu, SreematiApolaBasu Sen and SreematiSwagata Lakshmi Das Gupta taught me music. I got my Master’s and Ph.D. degrees PhD on Instrumental Music from RabindraBharati University.
  1. Tell us something about your family.
  • I live in a joined family in Liluah, Howrah. My father, along with his four brothers lives together. That’s how I have been raised in a united family and never lived alone. I had such a strong relation with my neighbors also.
  1. Who are your musical inspirations?
  • First of all, my mother is always my musical inspiration. I follow Sreemati Swagata Lakshmi Das Gupta’s singing a lot. The way she sings Rabindrasangeet, basically motivated me to sing. So she is another musical inspiration of mine.
  1. How did you come to recognize your passion for Rabindra sangeet?
  • I love Rabindrasangeet since my childhood. I never thought of singing any supplementary song other than Rabindrasangeet. During my Master’s and graduation, I came to acknowledged with various terms of music apart from Rabindrasangeet like classical and folk which are also very independent forms. I started loving folk songs and classical music. But Rabindrasangeet was always there for me in my heart.
  1. Who is your favorite singer before and now?
  • Arijit Singh, nowadays. I love his singing. From the old days; there are many singers’ songs I like to hear. I hear many singers’ Rabindrasangeet but Sree Sagar Sen’s singing is the most favorite to me. I like Manna Dey a lot also.
  1. We have seen you performing in different roles- MC, News caster, Judge or singer over time. Which one do you prefer most?
  • I did MC before. I did anchoring in many TV shows, going to work in a cinema but my main profession is always singing. I had never done anything apart from singing before.
  1. Currently music video has become an integral part of music. Audiences recognize a singer through a music video, not for the music he/she thru. Do you think it is that important to make music video in order to be a musician/ singer?
  • Music videos nowadays has become very essential for music industries. Actually Kolkata music industries are in a crisis. So we have to make music videos also instead of sticking with hard copied CDs or audio level only.
  1. What drives you? What is the highest purpose for which you do what you do?
  • As a human being I want to remain the good and honest person I believe I am till my last breath. I never want to hurt people. Apart from being a singer, I am also a daughter, a friend, an aunty and a sister. So in total, I want to keep my whole entity alive living my life taking my entire own world by my side with love.
  1. If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?
  • I had never thought of doing anything instead of singing in my life before ever. And it was my dream to be the most talented singer of India in my childhood. There is no margins in having such big dreams. I still have this wish. I want people recognize my voice, not face only. Singing is my passion. I think I was born for singing only.
  1. Now we are going to play a rapid fire round called ‘This or That’ with you.
  • Black or red
    • Black
  • Samaresh Majumdar or Humayun Ahmed
  • Humayun Ahmed
  • HBO or National Geography
    • National Geography
  • AnjanDutt or KabirSumon
  • Kabir Sumon
  • Riverside or Mountain
  • Riverside
  • Shesher Kobita or Na Lui Bengali
  • Shesher Kobita
  • LRB or Souls
  • LRB


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