Asaduzzaman Noor- Gleam of Culture


Asaduzzaman Noor born in an aristocrat Muslim family on 31st Oct, 1946 in Nilphamari district. His father name is Abu Nazem Mohammed Ali and mother Amina Begum. He is the current Minister of Cultural Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. He got his break-through in acting during his early days as a Bangladesh Television dramatic artist. He played a significant role in cultural movement of Bangladesh.

He has completed his graduation from Nilphamari College. In his personal life, he is married to Prof. Dr. Shahina Akhter, Pediatrician and Neurologist at BSMMU. This couple bestowed with a son and a daughter. He has started his professional life in Weekly Chitrali in 1972 and got a managerial job in a printing press under an ad firm. Later he joined at Soviet Embassy as a press relation officer in 1974. He joined East Asiatic Advertising Ltd (Asiatic Three 60˚) as General Manager in 1980. He is an active member of theatre ‘Nagorik Natto Samprodae’ and closely associated with the expansion of Bangladesh drama. He has participated more than 600 times with 15 stage dramas of his group and directed two stage dramas. ‘Deoan GazirKissa’ is one of them which got a record of performing 300 times in Bangladesh theatre history. He acted more than 110 TV and series plays. His notable works include Kothao Keu Nei, Oyomoy, Bohubrihi and Ei Sob din Ratri. His notable films are ShonkhonilKaragar (1992) and AgunerPoroshmoni (1994), both of the movies won National Film Awards. He performed more than 5o Radio dramas. He translated Brecht’ dramas for stage play, converted three Rabindranath’s nobles into TV script and wrote a play for TV. He has published two books for drama entitled by ‘A Moor Ahangkar’ and ‘DeoanGazirKissa’. He directed more than fifty TVC and video cliffs under his ad firm. He regularly joins poetry recitation program. He is an active trusty member of War Museum, president of AbritiSamannoyParishad, member of SammilitoSangskritikZote and general secretary of Bangladesh Russia MoytriSamittee. He has joined of the then East Pakistan Student Union in 1963 and became general secretary of student council of Nilphamari College in 1965. He also took the responsibility of cultural secretary of East Pakistan Student Union central committee. He joined the liberation war in 1971 and later joined Communist Party. He was detached from direct politics for many years but continued his assistance in cultural work. He was directly associated with several movements like political, social and cultural and strongly joined the movements formed by ShahidJanoniJahanara Imam demanding the trial of War criminals.

He again joined direct politics in 1998 in the banner of Bangladesh Awami League. He got the responsibility of Publicity Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Central committee and once again became cultural secretary in 2009. He became a parliamentarian from Nilphamari-2 in 2001 and 2008 general election. He was an active member of Parliamentary Standing Committee in the 9th parliament. He was elected again from the same electoral area without any contest in the 10th general election and took oath as the minister of Cultural Affairs. Mr. Asaduzzaman Noor visited numerous countries like UK, USA, Bulgaria, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, France, India, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Netherland along with many more countries to participate different social and cultural programs.




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