Showkat Aziz Russell- Chairman & Managing Director at AMBER GROUP


Showkat Aziz Russell is a Predominant star businessman and one of the remarkable business leader for the new generation. Young Russell was born in Begumgonj Upazila, Noakhali. His father Mr. MA Hashem is the founder and chairman of prominent Partex Group. He concentrated on entrepreneurship, development and industrial production maintaining the family tradition.

Mr. Russell’s father is the Source of inspiration for him since his childhood. He has aimed of being a cosmopolitan and ruling the development, Enterprise and business of the world since his student life. So he built himself up this way from his childhood. He is retaining his study and gathering knowledge about contemporary education, technology, business, trade, economy etc around the world and grasping these inside. He has been able to create new trend in the industrial field of Bangladesh through his own knowledge, culture and modern ideas. He is a successful businessman taking the responsibilities of numerous companies at very young age. Thus he becomes an ideal personality for the new generation of the country.

Showkat Aziz Russell kept his full concentration on business after completing his BBA from UK. He is the Chairman &Managing Director at AMBER GROUP, Chairman at the trustee board off the IBAIS University, Chairman-Governors Board at Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd., a Member at Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh and Chairman-Football Governing Body at The Football Association Ltd. He is the Vice-Chairmanat Bangladesh Textile Mills Association, National Institute of Textile Training Research & Design, and Bangladesh Cricket Board. Recently he has been elected as the Vice-Chairman at the Board of Directors of United Commercial Bank Ltd.

He is very hopeful for the young generation of Bangladesh. The way they are getting involved in outsourcing business and improving their knowledge on internet & technology, this will change the economic condition of our country very soon. He sees vast possibility in future economic development for Bangladesh. He feels very positive about women empowerment in Bangladesh. Women are working every sector such as corporate field, industry, business and so on besides men.

Human resource development seems the biggest challenge nowadays to him. Govt. can’t do it alone. Participation of private companies and people of every class is needed most. Mr. Russell thinks, the struggling entrepreneurs, developing personalities and socio-economic intellectuals are contributing enormously in achieving the Self-sufficiency of the economic development of Bangladesh after the liberation War.He thinks that Bangladesh is the most economically luxuriant country.  So we have to make our young people well-educated with developed knowledge of modern science.  Education has to be natural and vocational. One will be educated naturally whereas other will be vocationally.


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