Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque, The Inheritor of Industrial Legacy Managing Director, HAQUE Group of Industries -Tauhidul Islam Apu


Haque is one of the largest and oldest biscuit; chips; confectionary; soap and battery manufacturers in Bangladesh. Haque is in this business since 1947 started by young Barrister Tamizul Haque as a distributor of famous British biscuit giant Huntley & Palmers and battery giant Union Carbide. Haque is pioneer in many segments like Cream Crackers; Bourbon; Sugar Glazed Biscuit; Oven Fresh Cookies; Chocolate Filled Chips and many more.Now the consistency in business is blessed with the inspiration and ‘Can Do’ attitude of Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque and he is serving the company as Managing Director.

As one of the largest and oldest biscuit; chips; confectionary; soap and battery manufacturers in Bangladesh, what plan HAQUE Group of Industries undertakes to create an international fame?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: well, we already open a warehouse in United Arab Emirates and we’re hoping to do distributions after having approval from UAE government. We started some distribution in Saudi Arabia and we’ve some in India. We’ve interest with some biggest FMG companies of India and we hope to join producing their products with us. So we already open in India socially as a reliable partner.

Within the journey since 1947 to till to date, what are achievements of this eminent company?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: if you ask about achievement, we’ve already passed 70 years in Bangladeshsince in British East India to East Pakistan and now Bangladesh. Three nations have already gone and we’re still here. And I hope we’ll stay here till the end of the time Insha Allah. I think our achievement is to stay alive within the same company, same family. As you know that our industry was nationalized in 1971 under the new Bangladeshi government. His Excellency Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned to the country and inspired my father. So everyday doing business again. Within this journey, we come through the liberation war, come throughmany crisisand still going, personal crisis as well and we still here. Our main achievements I would say that our mega product which is Mr. Cookie is a highly appreciated unique product not only in Bangladesh but also among the other nationalities. We got gold medal in 1988 for world quality brand and still it is higher selling product, still unchallenged in the market and I think stay alive with the big company is our real achievement.

The inaugural slogan ‘Baker to The Nation’ or currently ‘Can Do’, how do they differ from each other and how does it signify the company mass acceptance?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: Oh! We lead after that slogan one day. Baker to the nation that’s not actually from my peeress but it was a very nice one. But right now we’re only going to cookies and biscuits that’s the only specially cookie products. It’s not really bakery. It’s a biggest brand in biscuit and cookie in Bangladesh and we’ve the biggest sale.

We’ve seen that Haque has many popular biscuit brands and it has introduced V- 60 machine from HAAS. How do you evaluate the role of this machine behind creating brand value?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: role of the machine is to make good products but creating brand value that is something goes to my father. My father made a company in that time as a son of this land what no other Bengali person can did. He was born in 1927 in the part of Bengal. We’ve been making biscuits since 1956. Role of the machine is really appreciable for producing Mr. Cookie. You can produce same products by the Chinese or Indian machine but the credit goes to raw materials what we specially use for this brand. But everything goes to my father creating brand value including my skill and image. We’ve been maintaining our brand value for 70 years and it is really a challenge that many mega brands could not do for last 20 years.

How Haque Group of Industries face her competitors what makes it an outstanding one?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: very difficult to say, there are so many competitors in the market but I didn’t think anybody in biscuits has anywhere near the same kind of brand. May be I’m biased. We’re selling very well. People are very active in advertising but we’ve some very strong brands. We’ve some loyal customers who like Mr. Cookie. Our strength is our quality and image which makes our brand outstanding.

In case of Battery, we’ve seen that the largest portion of our battery market went to under the grief of China batteries, what plan do you take to make Bangladesh batteries like Haque Battery more popular?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: the Chinese market is basically dominated by illegal imports of battery and under real imported battery. We’ve tried many things but actually I’ve to be honest about forecasting on battery right now. We’ve to decide which business line is right for us. Our biscuits, bake products and confectionaries are our basic strength. So we’re not much concern what’s really happening in battery market.

Is there any CSR of HAQUE Group of Industries and how does it contribute in social reforming?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: We’ve many CSR products like one is our scholarship for Palestinian students. About 12 Palestinian students in medical college and one is secondary school where we’re financing. We’re financing in hospital in Chuadanga and a madrasa in Feni. These are the main CSR I would like to mention. These CSR activities would really contribute in social reforming.

 Please let us, know in brief about your Mission in 2017 with HAQUE Group of Industries?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: actually my mission is to grow our strength and to roll out with invested money. My new mission is to set up new machinery go successful. We also roll out with ACP software. So our mission is to make successful whatever we decide in 2016 make successful in 2017. I need to execute my plan in 2017.

What about World Travelers?

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: Alhamdulillah, World Travelers is doing very well. It’s a basically travel agency and they are doing their work independently. They are financing and making their salary. I just observe their activities.

Your message for the young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Adam Tamizi Haque: wish you good luck as it is very difficult and there is a long road to go. Bangladesh is a best place for business but there are lot of problems too.


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