Mashruf Habib, Managing Director, Regent Airways Director, Habib Group


Habib Group is a big conglomerate. You have 202 concerns in your under. Tell something about that.

Mashruf Habib: Habib Group is our family business. My Grandfather Habibullah Mia started this business in 1947. At present, we have expanded our business in many sectors such as Textile, garments, spinning, power plant, cement, paper, fertilizer and aviation business.

Are these all Chittagong based?

Mashruf Habib: Our main hub of Airline is Dhaka. But remaining are Chittagong. Over the past 70 years, we have progressed tremendously here as a family business. We are major contributor to exports. The Airlines of Our Habib Group is giving 15%-16% revenue of total sector.

How old is your Airline Business?

Mashruf Habib: Regent Airline started its journey from 2010. It is being 6 years now since then. We faced good and bad both time, mostly good. We started with 2 aircrafts, but now we have 5 aircrafts. Now we are expanding more.

We know that there is a positive correlation between our GDP growth and aviation industry growth. How do you think your industry is contributing as a whole aviation industry in Bangladesh?

Mashruf Habib: as a whole aviation industry in Bangladesh is actually the first point of entry for most tourist inbound business tourist or in tourist that you speak out. Aviation plays major part and bringing in to in the country and getting other countries as well. Our side from that we have seen that recently even though our labor export which is one of the largest export has decreased in some places in Middle East. But still it has very positive cycle which is still going on which is why the aviation industry to driving for it. The basis of major airline companies like Emirates, Qatar Airways etc. is still dependent on labor export from Bangladesh, which has been growing over the past 15 years. And how is signified with the countries growth is definitely the purchasing power. If I am not wrong, Bangladesh even had only 3 airline aircrafts including private airline aircraft 10 years before. Some airlines came betwixt for very short time. But now, the number of aircraft has triply increased. US-Bangla Airlines, Novoair and Regent Airways – these 3 local operator are doing good business together. The demand is grown market and capacity is built market. This is the direct correlation of the purchase and power people of the country. And the purchase power is increasing due to the economic growth.

Many young people are getting very interested to join this industry. Do you see the kind of skill such?

Mashruf Habib: sure. Skill such particularly aviation in Bangladesh is still lagging behind. But I think private airlines like me and Government airlines like Novoair and US-Bangla Airlines, you have all important roles to play grooming development skill with such kind of think. Aviation industry skill must be grown like garments, information & technology and other fields of Bangladesh.


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