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PEB Steel to be recognized as the bench mark in the steel buildings industry; this will be accomplished through product Perfection, engineering Excellence and the Best customer services in the industry. Mr. Partho Ghosh, COO of the company had an interview session with The Pages where he has brought out the future prospect of Steel Structured Buildings.

Steel industries are an emerging sector of Bangladesh, how much does your company fulfil the national demand?

Yes, this is an emerging sector of Bangladesh. Growth and economy of a country depends on few factors like production of electricity, production of steel and basically some few parameters by which economy of a country counted. So naturally steel industry is increasing. Investment is increasing and we’re directly associated with this industry as a supplier, as a partner and as a contractor in case of infrastructure. So undoubtedly this industry is an emerging sector of a country.

Shipbreaking industries are very harmful for the environment but it is the source of raw materials of steel industries. How much raw materials does your company get from the shipbreaking industry?

We take only certified raw materials which are imported only. We work with US standard ESTM 572 great 50 steel. We’ve not use any 2nd grade steel within the years of our establishments. And we’re not associated with shipbreaking industry but it is very bad for environment because it is not going organized way. A lot of harmful toxic material are mixing up with the sea water. There is no norms, no legal procedure maintained during shipbreaking. Even there is no safety equipment for labors. So they are effected with physical illness.


What technology you are using to make your products earthquake endurable?

We’ve our own design department. So firstly we start designing of a building based on the customers demand. We strongly follow the BNBC which also has some certain clauses to comply with to make buildings earthquake endurable.

What challenges are you facing in this sector that you consider as the barrier of industrial growth?

We’ve to face different types of problems as Bangladesh is a young country. There are certain things which can be minimized if not eliminated. About 80/85% raw materials are imported in this industry. There is only one port in Bangladesh which we can mention right now. CTG port becomes actually very congested. So every sector has to transport their goods by the Dhaka-CTG high way. There is very fast emerging economy and our customers are demanding with a penalty clause. If a ships waits for 15 days long, it effects our lead time. And we’ve to follow the customer’s time frame. So a barrier occurs with time frame.

Road infrastructure is yet to be improved. Totally economy is connecting with good road transport at least Dhaka-CTG because total export and import depends on it. Electricity is another problem for industrial growth. We only get 50% of our necessity from the national grid which violates the cost. Lastly we do face some local problems. We’ve to assemble our building materials from different sites but most of the sites are still developing. So those are the challenges for our industrial growth.

We’ve already achieved a global position in steel exporting and there is a good position of us in African market, why don’t we achieve such position in other continents like Europe or America?

We’ve exported too many countries like Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mauritius because our products are not locally available. Africa is a good market and right now we’re talking to Bhutan. But in case of Europe and America, it is not possible because they have own source of steel. On the other hand, bringing the steel goods in Bangladesh- do the engineering and again export to those country is very costly because these countries are in the other hemisphere of the globe. Recently we make the Coca-Cola plat in Valuka and we hope to get their next plant which is going to be set up in Siliguri.

What plan do you take popular the steel structured building in Bangladesh?

We promote some tools to customers to make the steel structured popular like one is that compared to 8cc building. Steel buildings can erected and have better time frame. It’s not dependent on weather what the 8cc building often face like rainy season is a big problem for this. You can’t expand an 8cc building easily that is very easy in case of steel building. We want to inform our customers about the flexibility of steel building. One of the latest thing that we introduced in Bangladesh very recently to remove roof leakage problem which is called standing sim technology. There is no screw on the roof. This is completely one sheet.

What is the future prospect of steel structured building in comparison with traditional building?

So far Bangladesh is in a fast track economy, everybody wants things as quickly as possible. Our advantage is that we can deliver building quickly. There are many steel industries in the market who are conducting research on market strategy. So undoubtedly the future of this industrial sector is very good.We give thirty years guarantee. So overall future of steel structured building is very good.


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