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The oldest paint manufacturing industry of the country Roxy is proud of being in a position to offer a wide range of paints and varnishes. Making sure strong foothold in this dynamic global market, Roxy has invested vigorously for its exclusive and modern R & D unit dedicating itself equally at laboratory, plant and customer level to ensure constant quest for quality improvement and research into its present and future product configuration and presentations.Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal, Marketing Manager recently had an interview with the Pages team to bring out the future prospects of Bangladesh Paint Industry including the success history of Roxy Paints.

Tell us the brief history of the company.

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:Basically we’ve started our journey in 1950. There was organized scope for business in that time. When we went for company registration, we didn’t any paper documents of 1950 but we got an electric bill copy in 1953. So we got our registration in 1953. We’ve started our journey as Roxy Paints and Burnish Company because people of that time were habitual with burnish what we still have. There are two types of paints like oil and water base paints. Berger and Romana paints brought out a revolutionary change through water paints. Both of these two companies are the pioneer in the field of water paint. We formed our company with this new concept and brought out all the items of water base paints. We produce both interior and exterior products like velvet what is similar to Luxury of Berger. We also produce design paint by the name of Fusion. There are all types of paints in our basket and I think that is the point of strength of Roxy Paints.

Tell us about the quality of the products. Why people should choose this brand instead of others?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:Actually paints is the combination of different types of chemicals. So there might be fluctuation in chemical measurement like pigment. It’s not like any food items that you use for a single time. So everyone has to maintain a certain point of standard. There are some parameters of grading. If don’t violate your formula, your quality of paints would face question. Paints has some application processes like coating after a certain period of time. So if you don’t maintain quality, your products will not support you.

People may choose our products because of different reasons. We’re first in paint industry. Secondly we’re still in this market due to our quality assurance. There is a miss conception among the people that the foreign companies are better than the local companies. Basically we all produce products by foreign raw materials other than everything is Bangladeshi like chemist, distribution, supply chain and marketing. So there is no differentiation in quality.

What is the secret behind the success of the company?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:You need not to say about Berger, it’s a mind setup of people. In this case we’re still successful due to our quality assurance, service, distribution, commitment and timely distribution. There is also a core service issue. If I leg behind in any of this above cited fact, it’ll be difficult to compete in the market. There are about 35 companies in the market. Among this, 8/10 companies are closely related in market share. Above all user experience and satisfaction are the secret of a company what we follow strongly.

Who are the target customers of you and what are the upcoming plans of 2017 to reach the target customers?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:Actually our target customer is inducer like house owner, industry owner, furniture, and Real Estate Company. We’re still lag behind in case of breaking the mind setup of people. We’re not so much focused in media. In some special occasion, we go for branding but there is a company who has strong presence in media. Maximum big paint companies of Bangladesh market originated in India. So they get much publicity through Indian channels. Nevertheless we’re planning for making 1/2 TVCalong with a big campaigning program because key strength is our quality products. We’re also planning to launch 12 new products.

Would you like to tell us about yourself? How did you start your journey as a professional?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:I’ve completed my study in 2004 on Marketing under DU. In 2005 I joined in a real estate company. In 2007, I joined to Roxy and I resigned from there as a brand manager in 2012. Then I joined to Shalimar Paint, an Indian company. But unfortunately it didn’t run in Bangladesh. So I again back to Roxy as Marketing Manager. Now I’m the department head.

What are the biggest challenges as Head of Marketing you face today?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:My biggest challenge which I’ve already mentioned to break down the people’s mind setup. I started a radio program in Aug 2015 in Radio City FM96 with RJ Nirob at every Sunday night 9pm. There are two guests of paint industry where they share their experience including their personal life. I want to popularize our brand name among the people and house owners. I also want to popularize our products in Dhaka city.

Apart from the business, is Roxy contributing in any other fields?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:We want to contribute in some fields within our limit. We’re continuing a program known as ‘KritiShikharti’ since 2011 among our business partners to help their brilliant child by opening an account. We also help those workers who face physical injury during working. We also continue some promotional activities where we give motorcycle and gold chain among the dealers and vendors. It’s not like CSRbut we’re not bound to give it.

Why the paint industry isn’t enough established like other industries?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:In other sectors, local companies are in leading position but in this industry, only one company dominates the industry which is just like dictatorship. In this industry local companies are not patronized by the government. In pharmaceuticals sector, foreign companies are not permitted to produce essential drugs what we’re not getting. In our market, leading foreign companies are violating the market price which becomes very problematic for the local companies to compete with them. In case of industrial item, there is no bindings of pricing. So they also manipulate this field also. So local companies here do not get proper market entry too.

Why Bangladeshi paint brands aren’t getting recognized internationally?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:We strongly maintain international level in case of quality except marine sector. In this field, paint should be produced according to IMO rules.

How much possession Bangladeshi brands are taking in paint market?

Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal:We’re in third position but locally first. Two foreign companies are leading the first and second position. We got Best Brand Award among the local companies organized by Brand Forum.


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