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Md. Ashikur Rahman is the founder CEO of HelloEventz which is the country’s largest event portal, dedicated to connect consumers with entertainment, local events and many more. Whether you are a businessman, tourist or a resident seeking something happening, their plethora of event listing is the perfect gateway to experience all the excitement in the country. Find concerts, conferences, exhibitions and festivals related to Art, Culture, Fashion, Health or even Sports. In short name an event and it’s there. This is concept is totally new in our country and people of different fields may be directly benefited from the HelloEventz website. This young and energetic entrepreneur brought out the future prospects including his future plan with HelloEventz in an interview session.

Hello Eventz for the first time launched an Event portal in Bangladesh. Why did you launch such an event portal?

Basically I got the idea of introducing an event portal just in the middle of 2015. Before that I was in a multinational company who are working globally with ecommerce. Here I come to know that there is vast possibility of ecommerce what they realize earlier. They conduct research and study with our ecommerce market what we don’t. So I gather much knowledge on ecommerce industry. I think of doing something different. From this sense of creating something different, I come to know that there is nothing in our country to find out any event details. So I popup an idea to create such platform where all information of events, workshop and training related information can be found simultaneously. From this point of view, I introduced this platform for the first time in Bangladesh.

What kind of service do you provide to the sponsors?

We’re providing different types of service like event promotion. We’re giving a platform to event organizers for their event promotion. Sponsor is another vital area to be covered up during an event. Every day in Dhaka city, about 120 events held on. Among them about 70 events needed sponsor support. So we think of giving sponsor consultancy. We started partnering with different brands. We started to share data like what type of event an individual sponsor likes or what types of audience they prefer to see. We make a database to play the role only as a matchmaker between the event organizer and sponsors.

There is a security issue. Why does a brand come to our shade? We’ve often seen that many events do not come to finish after all sponsorship happened due to different reasons. So think of minimize the gap of mismatch. In this case artist schedule complexity and venue booking complexity played vital role to postpone an event. So we firstly collect venue booking receipt and artist agreement copy so that they can’t postpone the event. So we offer sponsor consultancy totally free of cost.


How do we source vendors from this portal?

Actually we’ve a team to enlist vendors. We’re not confined within event listing platform only. We just want to provide three sixty solution of an event because vendors played an important role in any event. Most of the cases, we see that the event organizers face problem during vendors sourcing. So they can find their vendors through our portal.

Why do you offer this service at free of cost?

We’ve offered this at free of cost only to engage maximum people. We want to be the event hub where all the people associated with events can be benefited like event seeker, event organizer &sponsor and service provider. You can upload any event at free of cost but we offer some exclusive service that requires payment.


What is your future plan with Hallo Eventz?

It’s a wonderful question because during our inaugural stage, many of us only consider it just as an event listing site or an online ticketing site. I want to make Bangladesh to be the next event destination. There is about 120/130 crore taka yearly turnover in this industry. So it has a vast possibility. This industry is growing up without any legislation or without government help. Now we think of make it a mature industry so that we can invite international events. Simply I want present Bangladesh globally through the platform of Hello Eventz.

Is there any sector remaining what you think to input on this portal?  

There are so many fields to cover like we promoted some movies through our platform. There are so many organizations who advances with us but some are not due to their old concept. We want to bring all the cinema halls and theater under our platform. Even in India, they have different platform for movie what we’ve not yet. 2ndly we’re trying to include embassies events like visa related events, migration related events and consultancy campaigning which are totally free of cost. So we’re planning to cover up the diplomatic zones.

Do you have any plan to develop apps?

We’ve already started works to develop mobile apps because it’s very handy. So people can reach everything quickly. There are also some particular facilities that we can get only through apps. Currently we’re informing through newsletter or email. But after the completion of our apps, people will get notification about their preferred events. It’s a vast concepts. So we’re doing with a mega projects.




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