Google Developing Group (GDG) Sonargaon is the newest Google developing group in Bangladesh. It is a community based focused group for developers on Google and related technologies.

GDG Sonargaon has been organizing many events since its inception. ‘Connect’ is one of those events which was organized a few days ago. It was held at EMK Center on 16th October,2016.

Connect was a community meet-up event that allows the beginners to listen and inspired by the change maker of the community. The main target of this event was to highlight the activities of GDG Sonargaon in front of the general people. GDG Sonargaon believes that youth is the power to make the next change in the community. This event’s main goal was to create an ambience of learning,collaborating and knowledge sharing.

The event ‘Connect’ was open for all classes of people. But the interested people had to register first for attending the event. From among them, GDG Sonargaon authority selected some applicants by sending them a confirmation mail and told them to be there at the venue around 3:30pm.

There were some guests who told about their successful career and invigorated everyone present there.

Tauhidul Islam Apu, who is the Editor & Publisher of an Online News Portal, Monthly Business & Lifestyle Magazine ‘The Pages’, Country Credit Head at SGS Bangladesh Limited, Credit Controller at ‘Aramex’, Finance Manager at ‘Advanced Development Technologies Limited’, Manager-Accounts & MIS at ‘Haque Group of Industries’. He was with GDG Sonargaon in every ways. When GDG was in need of any kind of help, his helping hands were always there.

Saugat Nazbin Khan was another guest of this event. She shared her life journey and achievements which was very inspiring for the future generation.

  1. K. Aaref, who is the Director of EMK Center was one of the honourable guest of this event. He told many things in details about EMK Center.

Ridwanul Alam, an Assistant Coordinator at EMK Maker lab was another amazing speaker of this event. His words were very much encouraging for the young generation. He gave a detail idea about EMK Maker lab, explained about their activities and inspired everyone to join the lab. He also told many things about their upcoming events and new technologies. Even he also upheld the programs and projects of GDG Sonargaon.

And finally the most famous singer & artist, John Kabir rocked the stage. He gave an opportunity to everyone to ask him anything they want. And he answered them briefly. Lastly, by the grace of the audience, he sang a song.

Every guests were given a creast by GDG Sonargaon. The Community Manager, Istiaque Reza handed it to them.



They were the speakers of the event. They have shared their personal experiences and inspired everyone present there.

The full event was hosted by Omor Ahmed, who is the Brand and Communication Manager of GDG Sonargaon. He hosted the full event very nicely. In this event, GDG has inaugurated 3 new chapters from 3 different Universities, which are Daffodil International University (DIU), East West University (EWU) & United International University (UIU). From DIU, Mehedi Hasan, Asif Mahmud and Jumaed took the creast. Khabbab Hossain took the creast from EWU & lastly Ishrak took the creast from UIU.

‘Connect’ was successful in every ways. Students from different Universities attended the event and they showed their keen interest to join GDG Sonargaon. Through this event, many people got a clear idea about GDG Sonargaon & their activities.

Like many other previous events,’Connect’ was one of the successful event organized by GDG Sonargaon team. Through the programme,the popularity of GDG Sonargaon has increased immensely.






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