Priti Chakraborty, Chairman, Universal Medical College -Raju Alim


Priti Chakraborty is a successful woman entrepreneur of Bangladesh. She had achieved Who’s Who Award honoring her activities. She is working as the chairman of private medical college, Universal Medical College. She is also working as the Managing Director of Universal Group. She is closely attached with many social and cultural organizations and travelled many countries. She has said about the health care sector of Bangladesh during an interview session.

You’re working as the Chairman of Universal medical College and Hospital which covers both education and health. Would you please explain the total scenario of Health Care sector?

Priti Chakraborty: It’s a very difficult question. Bangladesh has developed very rapidly in health care sector specially in last ten years. Once there was very limited scope of healthcare and there was very few medical colleges. Many of us couldn’t study in Medical Science despite having their willingness. So they switched to another subject. Our population was also less than today and comparatively physicians and nurses were inadequate. But our honorable Prime Minister achieved MDG target. It is done by the initiatives of Govt. healthcare facilities and private healthcare facilities. There are many medical colleges and nursing institutes have established in the last ten years. We’ve reduced the number of mother’s death along with child death. Our neighboring country India has gone far in medical science but Bangladesh advances more than India in root level success. That is why Bangladesh is going to become a middle earning country. We’ve already fulfill two points among the three points. Health sector is a big factor. We’re not careful to health unless we and our family affected by illness. Now the question, whether our doctors, nurse and medical institutes are growing properly or not? Our country is only 45 years old. If we judge it by a human, a 45 years old man has no generation. At least two generations will be created at the age of 100. In comparing with this, our health sector developed much. Everyone is trying from their own place. We should be more careful about doctors training and we’ve to ensure that the service providers of healthcare sector are growing with proper training and must develop their skill.

What about the quality of our medical colleges and what is future plan of Universal Medical College?

Priti Chakraborty: I don’t say that everyone is maintaining quality in healthcare sector. Many highly reputed institutes are affected from the sense of reputation due to some small institutes. Government is trying to make it a reliable ground. We need more time to get out from this problem. I think not only government but also entrepreneurs and people’s consciousness are also necessary to develop the healthcare sector. Media has also a important role. We started nursing institute four years earlier in Universal Medical College. We’re trying to provide intl. level education to our students.



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