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The young energetic lady Sister Helen had a conversation with Raju Alim in which her future plan and her way of thinking have come out. She had talked much about for human being as she sees in her point of view. She wants to devote herself for the people and for the developing part of Bangladesh. She needs Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s blessings as Bangladesh is moving forward under Sheikh Hasina’s true leadership. The glimpse part of the conversation is written by Mahbub Alam.

In last City Corporation Election you had collected nomination paper and submitted but after a finally you didn’t fought in the field of Election, why?


  • I’m working for children and women for the last 25 years. Though I’m a business man but I believe in doing for the human being is the best doing. Working for the human being is a great opportunity I think because whenever I go to my industry or factory I see the scenario of my workers, they are very much hard working. Once I thought that if they work hard here. So, what is the condition of their family, specially their children? In thinking of that I established a day care centre for my worker, especially female worker. They bring their children with them and work peacefully. But I thought that this is a little how much I contribute for the people in my factory. So I tried to spread myself for the human being. I established a foundation namely ‘Joyjatra’ where so many street children reads and I give them more facilities to be a good man as they can establish themselves. But if I try alone it is not possible to facilitate the poor and deprived people and thinking so I took the City Corporation Paper and submitted also. This is very much easy to work for the common people holding a post like Mayor.


You took nomination paper and submitted but finally you withdraw, why?


  • It’s very much confidential so I don’t like to say publicly but I had a desire to fight against the Mayor’s Chair. I’m very depressed that we don’t have any vital women candidate who can fight for Mayor. I’m the first woman who took the nomination and later others woman took. In this developing period women are very advanced. Our Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament and many Ministries are ruled by the women but in the City Corporation Election we have seen none.


If you became the City Mayor, what initiative could you take?


  • First, I don’t like to say or I’m not comfort with the word ‘Mayor’. I would like to say Mother of the City or Father of the City. If I don’t avail this emotion for the people of the City then what services I’ll provide them. So, first, we should change our word or the way we think. You see the scenario of the City; the whole City is dug, people are suffering a lot. Just leave it because they are mostly developing the City in saying cutting the trees and digging the roads but what about the traffic system. If I could become the Mother of the City, I solved the traffic jam problem. In the communicative era if I could not reach in my destination in proper time then how will I develop myself and comparatively my country? So the priority could be solving traffic jam in the City.

You are working for the welfare of the common people. So as a social activist you must have an Icon. If you want to be an Iconic figure, you must follow another Icon. Would you please tell us that who is your Icon?

  • As I’m trying to do favor for reading facilities the poor and drop out children, and trying to fulfill the queries of women and old people. On the other hand I always think for the development of the society. So in these thinking my Iconic persons are two- one is Mother Teresa and the other person is our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Many critics could say why Sheikh Hasina is my Icon. For them it is must known that in the Twenty First Century no services are possible to provide the poor and common people without the financial development. What was our developing condition? We were thoughtful that how will we survive in future but at this moment nobody thinks for money. Many girls and women are freelance worker. They are earning a lot. It is all about for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her planning. As I also want to abolish our poverty through working and the present Prime Minister is doing the same. Not only this father’s contribution for the Bengali Nation and her thinking for the people make me crazy to be her fan. So for the above reason Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also my Icon.

You have visited many countries and have seen others development. How are we comparatively progressing?

  • You are right, I like to visit and roam. Whenever I go abroad different type of feelings come and gather in my heart. I think differently. Whenever I go to an established country, I see some people are wasting their food and leading very costly life. On the other hand some people are hungry and suffering for poverty. In comparison, our condition is good. We don’t have this type of complexity. We have overcome our poverty within last ten years. In every sector our progress is noticed.


I would like to come back in the Election topic. You had submitted the nomination paper for Mayor Election. Did you have any political support? Did you communicate with Awami League, the ruling Party?


  • Actually I don’t have any political back ground and support also though I think everybody is a politician and must support a particular party for ruling. Like others I also have a choice. I always respect Bangladesh Awami League. Their contribution is not comparable with others and I feel proud for their development thinking and the way they work. As I said, I didn’t go to any political party for the nomination paper even to Bangladesh Awami League.


You have a foundation. You are progressing rapidly. Many young girls and women could be your fan and they could think ‘My Icon is Sister Helen’. So, if you want to be Sister Helen, what magic should you show?


  • If you want to show your magic, you must have an enchanting power so that you could work for the people. In this period all these enchanting power lies in Politics, Politics and Politics. I like to mention here another thing that is power post and position that means three P. If you can these achieve these three P then you could think vastly for the common people. If I want to show my magic, I must go under a Political Party and in this case without Bangladesh Awami League I have no alternative option because of their vision and thinking.




It may be you could be a parliamentarian in next election but why do you think the Awami League President Sheikh Hasina would choose you as a candidate as she has so many leaders who are examined in the political field?


  • A Political Party needs various types of leaders and workers and planners. Bangladesh Awami League is the most ancient Party of our country. They have many leaders like- Sajeda Chowdhury, Motai Chowdhry, Sahara Khatun and so on. They were fought for establishing the right of the people. I always respect them for their sacrifices and commitment but now the scenario of our country has mostly changed. Now our fight is for the development. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working for the development and if I get the chance to be a parliamentarian or our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina bless me then it could be easier for me to do something for deprived and poor and drop out children and as well as for girls and women.


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