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Summer, off course is the most distinguished fashionable season. Dress as light and loose fitting with hats, little use of cosmetics, ticky ornaments and so many fashionable tips.

There are multi-faceted challenges in warm weather. Risks of getting too hot in warm weather include dehydration, a variety of heat-related illnesses, including heat stress, cramps, exhaustion, or even heat stroke. Keeping our body cool will also help to keep our mood calm too, for heat often brings feelings of stress, tension with frustration. Nature keeps lots of simple and effective solutions to stay cool in warm weather and most are affordable.

Stay Hydrated

Water is the most essential drink for keeping us cool during hot weather. Water keeps our body cool and should be drunk even if we don’t feel thirsty. It’s okay to also drink commercial waters (such as Vitamin Water) or sports drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade but they’re usually not necessary unless we’re deliberately replenishing lost vitamins/electrolytes following a sporting activity.

The best way to check our hydration level is to measure our urination color. Anything darker than straw colored is probably an indication that dehydration is on the horizon, and water is needed.

  • We  shall stay away from sugary drinks such as sodas; they decrease the ability of storage of water in our body. We needn’t wait until we’re thirsty to drink. Plenty of drinking water before engaging in any activities, is the best way keep safe

A durable water bottle or water pack would be a good companion that we can tote everywhere and refill at any safe water tap.

Freeze a bottle of water to carry around with us.. It’ll be solid when we leave the house, but the heat will start melting it from the moment we take it out of the freezer. We should  wrap it in a towel to prevent water condensation affecting other items in our bag.

Cooling Foods

Food can keep us cool provided we make the right choices. Selecting salads, fresh raw food, vegetables and fruit would be assets of our health. “Cool as a cucumber” is literal; it is nearly 100% water, providing hydration to keep us cool. Avoidance of eating meat and protein-heavy foods during the heat of the day, would be good tendency, because these can increase metabolic heat production, must be a cause to loss of water.

  • It may seem counter-intuitive, but eating spicy peppers may help cool us off. They make sweat, which provides a cooling sensation.
  • Smaller meals may also help keep us core temperature down. Large meals require the body to work harder breaking everything down.

Foods without using the oven or stove would be better. Foods that don’t need to be cooked, or don’t need heat to be cooked. If we must actually cook, we need to keep the cool air in, and the temperature down, by using the microwave instead of the stove or oven. For example, we can microwave frozen vegetables and canned soup instead of cooking them on the stove  top for a long time to meltdown the same.

Making popsicles, slushies, frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, and other frozen treats to help us cool down more.

Stay out of the Sun

This commonsense approach isn’t always easy to adhere to when summer fun beckons, so it bears repeating. Avoid activities in the noonday sun as much as possible. It’s best to limit our sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day during warmer months. When we are outside during these times, limit our exposure as best as we possibly can do.

  • Making a program/schedule activities early in the morning or later in the afternoon
  • Some people are particularly vulnerable to heat and should stay in cool places during hot weather, such as children, the elderly and those who have health problems.
TOPSHOTS A young girl plays in a fountain to keep cool on a hot summers day in Shanghai on July 23, 2014. AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELEJOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

Summer days make us logical as well as romantic too, in fashion and in dress up. Summer fruits are juicy enough and fresh for healthy life to lead a festival weather. Enjoy summer and there are so many possibilities to keep us happy with a hot summer season!



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