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Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar is the young business entrepreneur of Bangladesh. She has brought out in the family of legendary culinary artist Keka Ferdousi and Muqeed Majumdar Babu. She is married to Mubarraz Hossain Khan (Tarif) and this couple bestowed with a son, Kaisan Ferdous Khan. She has completed a Makeup Course on High Definition and Airbrush Makeup in 2013 from Award Studio in Los Angles, USA. She opened salon in January, 2014 and looking after The Sky Room Dining in Kemal Ataturk since 2015. She is doing a TV show with her mother known as ‘Je Radhe She Chul O Badhe’ in Channeli since 2015. This young beauty expert is the founder of Sonali’s HD Make-Up Studio & Salon.


What did inspire you to come to this profession?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar: basically I started in 2014 but in 2013, I completed a course in Los Angles. At that time I had pressure on me to do something by myself. I had a small room doing party makeup. Actually I started from my home so that I can take care of my baby. On 29th January, 2014 I formally started my beauty salon.


Why did you start career as a makeup artist?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar: I mentioned earlier that I’ve started in my home and I worked about three years in a small scale. Then I decided to start formally in a large scale. When I found my work appreciated by everyone, I decided to take it as my career. My experience and knowledge on this profession also inspired me to be settled down.

What is the history of this glorious Sonali’s HD Make-Up Studio & Salon?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  actually I didn’t plan to start by this way. It was very small like a room of my present studio. By this time, I came to know that customer had different requirements beside makeup. It is something like someone came for party makeup but she wanted manicure and pedicure too. So I enlarge my salon a little bit more and once again I enlarge it. Now I’m in third step.


What is the secret behind your success?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  There are many commercial beauty salons in Dhaka. Everyone tries to give their service very rapidly and want to generate money providing more services. Actually I don’t think by this way. I’ve a customer chain where one refers another. I manage everything according to my time schedule. A customer need not to sit for hours who come only for pedicure or something like that. There is another thing that is our HD makeup means high definition makeup. I also completed my course on this subject. There is very few salons who can provide airbrush makeup. Our main makeup target is high definition and airbrush makeup. Actually we don’t like heavy makeup and nowadays everyone prefers natural look. If I say about my success, I must say that I provide those services to my customers that I personally prefer. I don’t want to do anything commercially.

Are the customers fully satisfied  with your service?  

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  As I mentioned in the previous question that I don’t provide any service to my customer which I don’t prefer. There are some harmful chemicals used in beauty salon which may cause physical illness. Many of our beauty salons very often use those chemicals to get quick result which I never allow in my salon. Customers may not be aware of those chemicals but it’s just cheating with innocence. So I always satisfy my customers with devotion.


There are many prominent beauty parlors in Bangladesh. Is it a challenge for you to compete with them?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  As I mentioned earlier that I don’t provide so called commercial services. My customers always feel homely environment. There is also a kids play zone. There is less customer of high definition makeup because it requires special occasion. We usually spend huge time for any service. So I hardly think of competition.

How do you think of your brand individuality?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  My brand individuality is in my tagline ‘high definition makeup’. Initially we started just as a makeup studio. Now we’re providing all types of service. So brand individuality is that we provide real service of any individual package. Suppose I’ve ability of providing twelve types of facial where I’m providing 100 types of facial. If you do so, how can you give real service? But I don’t do so. What I do that I can do perfectly.

Considering human face as a canvas, how do you manage this?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  First thing is that I don’t consider human face as a canvas because canvas is something which requires play with color and imagination. So I don’t want to utilize my imagination on other’s face. I always try to enhance the beauty of any face. Natural makeup is our first priority. So I don’t want to consider human face with canvas, it’s more like enhancing inner beauty.

Are you involved with any other activities?

Sonali Ferdousi Majumdar:  I’m involved with other business as well. I look after the Sky Room Dining with my mother. Occasionally I do designing, especially sarees. But my salon is like my baby and I’m involved in every step of this business.


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