Moinul Islam- Managing Director Double Glazing Ltd.


Please let us know your company history in brief.

Moinul Islam:Double Glazing Limited is the Bangladesh based joint venture company. It’s not only fabricates Aluminium and uPVC door and windows in Bangladesh but also has introduced a number of new products for Bangladesh construction industry, ranging from silicon sealant, to prefabricated Low-cost Housing.

What technology do you use to ensure global quality?

Moinul Islam:Insulating home is one of the best ways to make a home energy efficient and one of the key ways to save energy is through double glazing. It acts as second layer of protection for home by keeping the coolness within hot weather thereby reducing the costs of electricity.

What is really mean by triple glazing?

Moinul Islam:Three layers of glass in a door or window that are separated by air spaces to prevent heat from escaping from a room or to reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside. The insulation from triple glazing is significantly greater than that from double glazing.

How do you maintain brand individuality and who are the brand competitors of you?

Moinul Islam:Social Media, Tele Communication, Door to Door Marketing.

RFL, Green Solution, Quantum are the competitors of us in this fast growing market.

What technology do you use for heat reduction?

Moinul Islam:Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass. This creators an insulating barrier that will stop heat being lost, stop condensation appearing at your windows and will also help stop noise from outside.

What is your future plan with Double Glazing? 

Moinul Islam:Wewant to achieve all the success we deserve& successfully spread ourselves to the whole world.


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