Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury- CEO, Olympia Holdings Ltd.


Please let us know your company origin in brief.

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: since 1951, Olympia is a trusted name in the Food Industry. In this corporate family, Olympia Plaza is Olympia Holdings’ latest attempt to achieve a goal. The goal is to attain a height in 100% Commercial Complex production that shall facilitate Ashulia Savar to transform to a modern business hub.

It is widely said that Real estate sector is a passing a turbulent period of business loss, what can Rehab do to bring back stability?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: Political instability and price corrections, I would say, are the two key factors that could put the sector in sufferings in last couple of years. Political instability, I believe, is something external as far as REHAB’s role is concern however ‘standing by commitment’ is something REHAB can define and guide through this million dollar industry of our.

What is the Dream Project of Olympia with which you feel proud, why?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: Olympia Plaza is our dream project because it is a model Commercial Building in Bangladesh, with its world class design, LED Display glass at the front side, state-of-the-art firefighting system, 08 lifts with high speed escalators which run even after a fire break down, backup generators, modern security system, solar glass panels, own waste water treatment plants, multi level car parking system, emergency exits etc. Insha’Allah Bangladesh shall be proud of this project.

What is the achievement of you throughout the journey of Olympia in real estate sector?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: we started in small in November 2015. Now we’re 40+ employees. By this couple of months we emphasized in confidence building. Alhamdulillah, our clients are investing with confidence in our project, renowned commercial Banks of the country are collaborating, and construction works are going according to our plans.

Please let us know about your other sister concerns.

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: well, ‘Olympia Family’ as we often call it, now runs its Bakery & Confectionery Industry, Restaurants, Machinery, Electronics Equipment’s etc.

What is your future plan with Olympia?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: to make it associated with largest number of people. Though we’re making building on our own lands but we want to sale shares to a large number of people, so that small entrepreneurs also get benefitted with us. Our motto is to build World Class building. We’re already working at outer Dhaka ( Savar), gradually we want to go to maintain cities of Bangladesh and then to district level. Also we want to maintain an international environment in our Company.

let us know your opinion about BGMEA Bhaban?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: it is now a solved issue. Government is going to break down this building with the verdict of Court. Nevertheless I want to say to give a 2nd thought over this issue because this is a building of 1500 crore taka. If I consider cost of other furniture and decoration, it may surpass 2000 crore. If we break down this building, this huge amount of money will go to dust.  Government can take maximum land value from BGMEA and reshape the plan so that the beauty of Hatirjheel may not loss. This huge amount of money can spend for the well being of unprivileged older people and children.

Bangladesh Army proclaimed to demolish it within half an hour. I’m very much upset with their statement. This is not a matter of joke or enjoyment. This is the wealth of Bangladesh and we should try to get maximum benefit from this group of people who’re contributing in Bangladesh’s economy more than anybody else.

What is your suggestion to reduce instability in RMG sector?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: We need to find out the causes of instability in garments sector. Why does a garment worker advances to breakout fire in their work place? Garments owner are offering huge amount of money for jakat. What benefit does it create if I donate money for jakat depriving my own people? If I spend this money for my people, they will never break out fire. Garments owner should treat their employees just like their colleagues.  Another important thing is that we’ve to ensure fire safety so that we may not see more fire burnt garment labors. Every machineries should be updated. In case of repairing, we have to use proper parts to avoid factory fire.

What you consider to be the secret of your success?

Md. Yasser Reza Chowdhury: I’m in Real estate since 2002. I started as Junior Executive. I’m fortunate that in these 15 years I got the opportunity to work in different arena of Real Estate: Logistics, Land Development, Customer Service, sales, etc. I worked with renowned companies with the best men in the business. I know a lot of people here. Whatever work I get today, I devote my full attention, dedication, honesty and my network to finish it within shortest possible time. I love my work. I have a dream, before reaching that I do not think I’m successful but I’m working on it. InshaAllah with the support of my colleagues, well-wishers and love of my family and friends I will achieve my goal one day.


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