Engr. Md. Shahabuddin- CEO Prime Automation Engineering


Please let us know about your company in brief.

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:Our Company started with Automatic Sensor Door from year of 2000. After then we included other product which all are automated, Energy efficient and Eco friendly. Our all product we import directly from manufacturer, so we able to give warranty & other technical support to our customer.

Now our company working with national, multinational and many Embassy.

Please let us know about your products.

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:Automatic Sensor Sliding Door

Automatic Rolling Shutter
Automatic Curtain

Automatic Gate- Sliding/Swing

PIR Motion sensor Switch

Access Control System


Automatic Parking Barrier

Automatic Tripod/ Flap Barrier

Foldable Glass Wall

Automatic Collapsible Gate

Sound Proof Movable Wall

How do you ensure security protection in your automatic door?

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:Our Automatic Door is a fully automated and secured device. For safety it has different type of security device, like

Photo cell Barrier: Keep door open, when people passing through the door.

Access Control System: All types of access control device like ID card Reader and Finger Printer can use with Door to prevent un-authorized entry.

Advance PIR Sensor:Advance level Motion sensor helps door to open automatically when someone comes and also keep open when more people try to in at same time.

Backup power supply: We have very small size UPS for Automatic Door to keep run when power fails.

How do you ensure your brand individuality?

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:AS our product is directly imported from manufacturer so it is easy to keep product reliable and more over we keep in our store spare parts. Especially we try to give after sales service and that is almost free of cost and our all product have 1(one) year genuine warranty so it is very good thing for customer.

What is the function of motion sensor?

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:Our PIR Motion Sensor can use for light, fan or for other any kind of device. It’s Input and output both is 220V AC. So it can use with direct AC 220V. When anybody will come within the range of Sensor then it will ON the connected device and also will OFF automatically after a certain time.

Your future plan with Prime Automation Engineering?

Engr. Md. Shahabuddin:Our future plan is to include smarter product which is not available in our market and which is more costly to bring here for an individual customer. We can supply that product in low cost and also with warranty service. So customer will get a product easily and with more reliable source.


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