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Nasrul Hamid Bipu is the  He is the current State minister for the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh dreamt to lead others and the leadership quality is belongs to him from his childhood period and at the same time he had a quest for learning. Besides he was a good player in his student life. Regularly he played Hockey in first division team. He was a student of science group in Residential Model School and College. Later he has completed his higher studies in Economics from Dhaka University. Nasrul Hamid Bipu was passionate for Drawing, Art, Culture and Literature. Recently he has talked about the present situation and his personal life with the Poet and Journalist Raju Alim. Here a summary of their conversation is published for the readers…

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has to be awarded as the Champion of the Earth. There are no chances to believe that our environment will destroy for her…

Nasrul Hamid Bipu, State minister for the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Question          : Once we had stricken for want of Electricity, arranged a lot of Seminars and all against the Government. Now Bangladesh has come out from that situation. You are leading the Ministry as a young Minister. How could be it possible?

Answer           : The main thing is that what is happening in our country is the fore sight of our Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She wants to decorate the country as her father, the great National Leader and the Father of our Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreams. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has come to know that what is needed for the development of our country as Bangabandhu dreams. Among them, she understood that the Electricity is the key for our development. If we ensure Digital Bangladesh, we must ensure our Energy and for this case our Basic Raw Material is Electricity- Random Electricity. We have a vision to reach in a middle income country and if we want to be succeeded, we must have to supply of Electricity in everyone’s home. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has done it. Today everyone is under electricity. If we go back for five years, what will we see? We will see that our Former Prime Minister and her adviser said if we go for the Power Plant based on Oil, we will loser, default and poor, debited and so on. But we have taken the challenge to make a Power Plant based on Oil. As we have no alternative so the challenge was must. We have succeeded. Then our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thought about the short, mid and long term Power Plant. What will we do? What will be the master plan? How will we develop our country? We have set our goal and worked and working for the future. But the Former Prime Minister and their Party never thought about this- mostly the development of Bangladesh. Many of our wise person says either we would use our electricity or not. They must know the developed country uses three thousand kilo watt per hour and we use only three hundred and sixty five per hour. Before three or four years back we had no electricity at our village in Keranigonj. Now everyone is under this privilege. They are using unlimited supply of Power and Electricity. In that time they had no TV, freeze and AC but they have now at least one. We are thinking long after 20 years. A leader must see the future and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina could see this. She has a target that we want to provide electricity in a cheap rate. So, she has settled a plan for vision 2021 and we are working for it.


Question         : From the President to the general people everybody needs electricity. As electricity gives light and it lights the country and the generation. So how much we have provided electricity in village, town, thana and zilla?

Answer           : It is difficult to say the exact percentage but approximately 80% people of Bangladesh are getting advantages of electricity. In between 2018 we will able to give the hundred percent electricity Insha-Allah. Now the topic is not to give the connection of electricity but the random supply. We have to set up new transmission, sub-station line etc. because every day our demand is increasing. We have to fit always our equipments. As I am nourished in town from my boyhood, I have not seen whole Bangladesh. After becoming Minister I have roamed all over the country. I have visited many remote area like Borkal (an Upozilla of Rangamati), a very beautiful place. This is a border area of Bangladesh but hundreds of years there were no electricity. Now we have give electricity in Borkal as the direction of our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. An old man about 80 years thanked me and sent his wishes for our Prime Minister. This is love. This is Bangladesh. We are working for these blessings. Our people are very much creative and entrepreneurs. They have incredible wishes for working. Bangladesh is advances with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Question         : We like to call you Special Minister not to call Deputy Minister because this Ministry is very sensitive. Mostly full duty is in your shoulder. You are working restlessly. Besides you were an entrepreneur and still you are and will be. Previously in real estate business you were one of and what are you doing for the supplying random electricity to the apartments?

Answer           : I was a student of science group though later I admitted into Economics Dept. in Dhaka University and completed my study but I have a passion for science. This Ministry is very much technical and science related. I have to read and learn a lot about science. There are a lot about Transmission, Distribution and Generation etc. I had to recognize with these terms. If I do not understand about plant, vision, our laws, rules and regulations then how could I submit the project? So that at first I have to acquire knowledge about the field in which I am performing. Energy and Electricity is a huge matter. If I do not understand then I will not able to continue. We have gas in mining. How will we use this gas, we have to ensure this. After five years our income will increase and the demand so what will the strategy after five years? We have crossed our basic problem. Now my target is to develop our human resource that will precede our economy forth because which plan is coming forth is about billion dollars. We have to understand the closing of billions of dollar. I would like to take this as a challenge.

Question         : Now I would like to know something about Rampaul. People have different decision and saying and reaction in our country and the Bangladeshi living in abroad. You have visited Rampaul once with specialized. Local and foreign specialized is working for it but a group is against of it. What is your observation?

Answer           : Those who are concern about this matter, they are environment activist. In every country there are some activists like this. So, as they are concern, we have to aware for this. If they could not talk much about the matter, we could not think of it. So in a sense they are making us. I do not avoid anyone. I want to talk everyone. So I have visited there with them to show up. I have discussed with them for three hours in Ministry. They have delivered their speeches and we for ours. We are politicians; we serve for the general people. So we will do everything as democratic system. They will must argue but we will find out scientific reason. They must prove that how our environment and nature will destroy. Many experts have delivered their speeches in Daily Newspaper. As D. Ashraf has written an artical in the daily Protom Alo, he said that if they use this technology it will not be harmful for the environment. There is a lot of evidence like this.

Question         : Our youth is reacting through many social media like facebook, twiter etc. Recently I have seen a status; I boy of Khulna has written- ‘Sundarbon is my mother. Please save it.’ There are lots of statements. How will you face this and advance forth?

Answer           : This is very positive. I think if these types of comments come, we will understand that where we are mistaken. Please remember one thing; we are going to use Japanese technology. There in Japan, they are using this technology in an urban area. Indonesia and Vietnam is using this technology. Among all Power Plants, all over the world, there are 60% Power Plant based on Coal and the other 40% use this technology. Now there is no desulfurization in many Power Plan but we are using this. Now the question is that if they compare them with us that will be a great mistake for them and they are doing the same. They code from where there is no use of desulfurization. We are taking up to date technology. Many people are talking from their emotion but this is not mostly an emotional matter; this is a technical and at the same time scientific matter also. Recently we have taken a plan that we will make a Coal Power Plant at Gozaria and Gozaria is 25k.m. away from Dhaka. So, what will they say, Dhaka will be destroyed. Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has become awarded as Champion of the Earth so she has responsibilities than any other people of the country.

Question         : There is a deep connection between ICT and Electricity. If Electricity develops, ICT will develop automatically. So there is a good Chemistry between two. If you say something…

Answer           : I think every country has a transaction period. We are now developing so our transnational period has not come yet. At present our per head income only 14 hundred dollar but we want to increase it to 50 thousand dollar at any cost otherwise we could not visualize our development. If we compare us with Singapore and Hong Kong, it will be very frustrated matter. We have not reached to the position that they hold on. Once South Korea was depended on Ready-made Garments but within 20 to 25 years they have developed in ICT. Bangladesh will also be the same. ICT sector depends on Random supply of Electricity. We are arranging this so our development is knocking at the door.

Question         : What are you doing for developing Banking and Business sector?

Answer           : Do you know, what is the main power of Bengali? Resilience. We always come back from the diversity. As a party Awami League is also same. We have faces many obstacles but every time we came back and this is our inspiration and power. For this reason many people of the opposition envy us. Bangladesh is developing rapidly but in the Banking sector IT has not entered massively. If we become success to do so, we will be developed more. We want to make our office paper less. Every document will be preserved in computer and in website. So that day is coming soon.

Question         : Real Estate Business is now at stake. You are an entrepreneur of this sector. What is your observation for this sector?

Answer           : When an area develops financially, there develop real estate or construction business. In abroad you can buy an apartment anywhere of the country. You can buy through 5% down payment but in our country the case is different. You could not develop in this sector without changing you payment system. This business relates another business like Tiles, Ware, Fittings, Sanitary etc. They are also collapse for their business laws. At this moment we need an agreement law for developing in Real Estate Business. We hope very soon we will cross all the barriers and obstacles.

Raju Alim       : Thank You Sir.

Nasrul Hamid Bipu : Welcome. Long live Bangladesh. Joy Bangla.


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