Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal- Home Minister Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Security forces are taking the main responsibility to bring Bangladesh to the highway of development.
Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal:The successful home minister of Bangladesh Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has become an integral part of global security analysts, politicians and world media, with a strong role in the elimination of militant activities in tackling the subsequent situation of the horrific attacks of Holey Artisan. The Home Ministry has also highlighted the fact that despite providing hard security to international IPO conference in Bangladesh where about 200 countries participated in it. Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal played an important role in securing breakthrough achievements through industrial police to eliminate labor unrest in the country’s garment industry. The country’s industrial merchandise has openly discussed in an interview on the role of the security forces behind the continuation of economic progress by providing security to the region.

Role of industrial police,what is the action of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the management of labor unrest, industrial production and the unmanageable business?

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal: If I say about the security of the Interior Ministry and security, there is security for people as well as security of the people’s lives. We believe that security forces provide full security through the Ministry of Interior. It will be partly to say security only if it is a matter of life. But we make security of all levels. We sorted out the police, we do the industrial police. We’ve got the Naval Police, Highway Police, Tourist Police. Now if the roads are not operational, if the mill factory is not active, if the shop do not running,if there are obstacles here then business will face-to-face. So, the business can keep up properly, the workers have good relations with the industry, the tourists can travel all over the country boldly, everything is business dependent. These tourists are also business-based. Our Ministry of Home Affairs is responsible for the security of business for this reason u can say industrial police, tourist police, highway police we sorted out. Today, the industrial police is playing a nice role. There was labor unrest before, often the workers’ owners or other types of problems could be seen. At present, we have brought enough training to the art police officers.
If the industry is dissatisfied then what?They are working in the light of training and experience. As a result, the relationship between the owner and the worker has improved.So workers do not come out on the streets in the words, do not burn the car,bus in the words. We are now far away from these anarchy. This work has done our security forces.That is why we believe that the security forces are working in this area, so that businessmen can trade without any barrier.  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman talked about economic self-sufficiency.

He told that Bangladesh police is also police of Bangladeshi people. Economic success through the rule of law is possible, how much your success in this way?

Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal: We were successful though. You see, you looked a few years ago, unbearable traffic jams were made during the Eid. All the workers tried to go home together. We are also working on this issue. Our industrial police managed workers to go to their home step by step. Suddenly all the workers left Dhaka and again came back to Dhaka. So these unbearable sufferings have been created in the past years. Many people have not been able to pay Eid prayers on time. Even after the Eid, many people have reached home. This holiday control system is working well due to police force and people are getting benefits. We also did the arrangements for the businessmen to run their business fairly.We have arranged for everyone to walk freely without any difficulty. The economic release which is told Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, his worthwhile daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is doing this job. Bangladesh Police has been sorted out to bring economic liberation. Police becomes the people-friendly police today.
Police are not the reason of fear of people. Police have achieved the confidence and faith of the people. The police could eliminate militants and terrorism.Wherever we go, the police are standing beside the people.The police and the public are now united by community and bit policing. So we have succeeded in controlling law and order.

What is the role of the law enforcement agencies to stop illegal trade?

Asduzzaman Khan Kamal: Illegal business is not a business.The government of any country does not indulge in illegal trade and tries to control it. Traders can manage the business very well, they will sell the right products at the right price. If we use any adulteration, we are working in that place. Many more government officials work with us. The routine work of the law enforcers is to administer anti-adulteration campaigns. We are also working on the fact that the consumers get solid things. RAB is doing these operation along with the police. When other sections of the government think they also run the raid. Security forces help them to run the raid. We want the dishonest businessmen not to deal with their adulteration. Security forces always need to maintain law and order. Whenever our Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Road Transport and Communications or any ministry who want the helps of security forces, we forward to help them. Our security forces are always working in all areas. A few days ago, a labor unrest in Ashulia started the evil plot. The conspiracy to malign the owners’ rights to the workers was not successful because the police had played an appropriate role there. Industry police play a key role in this regard. Industrial police led by a DIG to the increase in efficiency, manpower and efficiency of industrial police. Now a days,by the increasing of industrial police and for managing with efficiency they are being led by an additional IGP. The police are being used exactly as much as they need. Police are working successfully with increased capability, efficiency, manpower and training. Security forces are doing the main duty to bring Bangladesh on the highway of development. Ten years ago bus, truck even train are also robbed at night on the highway. We are bringing these rugs under the control. Now there is no robbery in the bus, sometimes trucks are robbed, we are bringing them under control. Our security forces managed to arrest all criminals and make the criminals in court. After the incident of Holi Artisan, we thought that Bangladesh was moving towards militancy, but from that state we came back to the path of development. Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara and the diplomatic areas have again become operational in business and in daily activities. What is the rigid position of you and your ministry to control militancy?  

Asduzzaman Khan Kamal: We have adopted zero tolerance policy for law and order. We are in this zero tolerance ground. We do not give any discount. Representatives of the public or the government officials no matter how big the person is the injustice will be punished. Now talking about the success of law and order, it is this that IPO conference was held in Bangladesh with participation of about 200 countries. The Security Force had successfully worked on security in this conference. The world’s big VVIP’s came. They lived Dhaka for 5 days. Their security work had many challenges. When the world is attacking militant attacks, such a big conference is held in Bangladesh. The Prime Minister, who called on the terrorists and the militants to turn back succeeded. Imam of the mosque, madrasa student, student of university and teacher, journalist thought that we must eliminate this militant. So the public has helped the security forces to the highest level. Now there is no challenge for us. We are going towards the right way.


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