Salahuddin Ahmed- Managing Director S.A. Channel Pvt. Limited


Salah uddin Ahmed is a popular name in trade, commerce and development of the country. S.A. Pari bahan has been playing a lead role in transportation sector of Bangladesh for the last thirty years. He has also introduced money transfer system in Bangladesh through S.A. Courier. This firm is serving both in Bangladesh and abroad through S.A. parcel service. S.A. Group also opened branches in several foreign countries. But S. A. Television added different dimension to their success. This HD Private TV Channel has created different savor from the very beginning of their telecast. Salah uddin Ahmed exposed his view on trade, commerce and economy of the country.

You’re attached with different types of business like transport. What is the real scenario of transport business and how did you attach with this business?

Salah uddin Ahmed: everyone wants to establish their own business. I’ve attached with this business from my boyhood since 1982. At that time, our transportation system was very poor. Road communication was also bad. In 1982, I thought why there is no first class in transportation sector that is available in launch, steamer and plane. So we started by introducing first class coach service especially in divisional cities like CTG and Khulna. Then we started courier service. Before 1982, Bangladesh airlines transported courier and postal documents. There was lack of answer ability and Bangladesh Airlines stopped this service due to some unwanted filed case. I came to notice that people of our country only depends on postal service.  

Did you first introduce courier service?

 Salahuddin Ahmed: we started our courier  by introducing postal, parcel and document service. We started this business in 1982 within the commitment of liability. And the people of our country will evaluate what we’ve done in those years.

It is a big challenge to reach out products in due time in case of digital business. Courier service has a major role here. How do your courier business running?

Salahuddin Ahmed: nowadays, we’ve covered almost every district of Bangladesh. We’ve been providing service for twenty years. Now you can pay for the product after having your goods. We also introduce the system of sending money through mobile phone first time in Bangladesh through our S.A Courier service. There are more than eighty branches in Bangladesh. We also introduced this service in abroad like Singapore, Malaysia and renovation work is happening in Hang Kong.

Is it a cargo service or courier?

Salahuddin Ahmed: it is parcel service like Fedex and DHL.

Is there anybody else associated with this business?

Salahuddin Ahmed:  no, nobody did it in Bangladesh. We’re the first in Bangladesh. It is not possible covering by two or three countries. We want to introduce cargo service after covering 10/15 countries including UK, London, and Saudi Arabia. We’re trying to spread it internationally. We’re forwarding with honesty and InshaAllah, we’ll be successful.

How did you come in Television business?

Salahuddin Ahmed: though I’m from transportation sector. Nevertheless I foster the ideality of former president late Zillur Rahman. We’re very passionate to him and he liked me very much. When I told him, he gave me an opportunity consulting with the honorable Prime Minister. We’re operating this TV Channel in HD format in favor of our people. We’re working for country and people. We’re the entrepreneur of e-commerce too. We introduce it in 1982 to send money through S.A. Courier service.

Is there any matter of time shuffling in money transfer?

Salahuddin Ahmed: there is minimum possibility of time shuffling. It is one to one matter. We’re here about 35 years. Mobile phone brought out in 2000. So we think people of Bangladesh memorizes us in different meaning for 35 yrs. People in abroad also say about our service and I think this is our achievement in those years. We’re also not opening our branch in abroad by any agent. We appointed a foreign director because you can’t open a company without appointing a director. So we’ll prefer immigrants to be our director.  

 TV media is transforming. People nowadays is watching Youtube instead of TV. How do you face this challenge?

Salahuddin Ahmed: technology is updating rapidly. How do they watch if we don’t create. They’re watching our product by mobile or by other device.

Do you have any plan to start agro business?

Salahuddin Ahmed: yes, I’ve already started a agro based feed milk factory in Mithapukur. It will be an international level feed milk zone. I’ve deep knowledge on animals and fish feed processing as I was formerly attached with livestock.


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