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Md. Rezaul Karim, Managing Director, SCRM. He is a very enthusiastic person whose leadership builds SCRM as a most promising steel manufacturer of the country. They have been engaged in production and marketing M.S product (Rod) for about 25 years till today. In this light, they established Bikrampur Steel Mills as their first own mill. Just following this they established a Semi Auto Re-Rolling Mills named Salam Steel Re-Rolling Mills on 13-08-1998 and they are the first to start journey of Auto Re-Rolling Mills in Bangladesh. Then they establish another Mill namedHaziTaher Ali Steel Industries Private Limited and established a power plant of 5 megawatt generation capacity. Currently they are marketing products of it M.S 40G and M.S 60G for many days with reputation. He talked with the Pages team in an interview session about his company strategy along with the future prospect of this emerging sector.

Is there any role of steel industries in national GDP?

Off course, as a developing country, we’re making too many high rise buildings, infrastructure developing like road communication and mass transit communication and there a is definite role of steel industries which is directly connected to GDP.

Your future plan with SCRM?

We’re going to produce in a large scale like full automation and you must see the role of steel industries in every visible sector which is under construction like bridge, culvert, flyover and above all the road communication. No construction project can be thought without steel. And our vision is to be the part of such developing projects both in present and future.

Steel industries are an emerging sector of Bangladesh, how much does your company fulfil the national demand?

Currently we’re consuming about 4.5/5.0 million metric tons. There are many auto steel re-rolling factories have established throughout the country.There are also so many promising factories have established who’re jointly contributing for the development of this sector. Everybody has a definite role developing the country economy andwe consider ourselves as a very little part of this contribution and we’re proud to be a part of this sector.

Shipbreaking industries are very harmful for the environment but it is the source of raw materials of steel industries. How much raw materials does your company get from the shipbreaking industry?

Its true shipbreaking industries may have some bad effects over natural environment but they are conducting this work according to the rules and regulations of the honorable court. Before that it was stopped for a long time after having the stay order from the court. So our court has forwarded to save this industry and it defined some code of conducts saving both of the industry and environment. Actually there was not so many logical arguments over environmental issue. So there is no question on shipbreaking right now. But it is also true that shipbreaking industry has a vast role in steel industry supplying raw materials near about 50%. Furthermore, in recent future, we’ll need about 10 million metric tons of steel where shipbreaking may supply about 25% raw materials.

Do you take any steps to produce raw materials like billets?

Basically we’ve been producing billets from the very beginning. We started with billets but shifted to rerolling production later. Most of the cases, manufacturers firstly setup rerolling factories but we’re the first in Bangladesh who produced billets first.

What technology you are using to make your products earthquake endurable?

We’re using the latest technology of the world like QST Technology which have some grades. We’re currently producing different types of best quality products under this technology maintaining the grade like BDS ISO-6935-2 and USA ASPM A-615 graded steel along with British Standard products.

We’re producing TMT500W/60 grade which is monitored by PLC automatic machine. We strictly follow BSTI, BUET and ISO certifications. There is no more re-hitting furnish. So we produce through direct hitting system where we give scrap and it reaches to TMT plant after completing some procedures. After that product goes to automatic cooling bed where it get dry automatically. So the quality of the products remain safe. We also conduct a test before producing billets in spectra lab and we get billets through CCM. Direct hitting system saves power at the same time it maintains product quality. We also test product quality in our lab by UTM machine at the same time, we send samples of each lot to BUET lab before delivery. These are the basic quality of modern steel factories. All the sizes of us are certified from BSTI. We also overcome 50lac Cyclic Loading Test from Britain which is a prerequisite for earthquake endurance. It has minimum power to absorb jerk. In case of mass disaster, no iron can endure that natural violence. So we maintain all the parameters of quality from the beginning to end.

“Commitment and hard work is the secret of success and nothing is possible without those things. And to ensure the Vision 2021 of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, there is no way to think without steel sector as this sector has been playing a very important role in the economic development of the country. I’m proud to be a part of this steel sector. Our ultimate success will attain in those days when we’ll be a steel exporting country fulfilling the national demand”. 


Would you please tell us in brief the success story of your company?

Actually it’s our family business. My father established this business later my elder brother Haji Abdus Salam worked so hard to establish this company in a stable position. His contribution is unimaginable. We’re proud of him. I personally joined after the completion of my study. Now I’m the Chairman of this Group of Industries and my elder brother is the Managing Director of this Group.

What challenges are you facing in this sector that you consider as the barrier of industrial growth?

We’ve no Iron ores what India, China and Turkey had. And we’re totally dependent on import. So if we’veless duty and tax on import, we’ll able to produce products at cheaper rate. Moreover we’ve to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity as there is 20/50/100 tons of furnace nowadays. If we get bank loan at much more cheaper rate, our industry growth will increase. There is a risk factor surrounding our tariff system. If we become free from tariff system, we’ll be in big trouble. Government imposed new policies of taxation which may increase steel price about 7500tk per ton. Everything will be undisciplined and steel products will be out of the grief of middle class family including our future planning. So we must need to keep the tariff system for the wellbeing of this sector.

Our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had taken an important initiative to replace bitumen from road construction. So use of iron will increase which is a positive sign of this industrial growth.


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