Azim Uddin Ahmed, Chairman, Mutual Group Sponsor Director of Southeast Bank and Chairman, Board of Trustee of North South University -Raju Alim


Azim Uddin Ahmed is a successful business entrepreneur of Bangladesh. He has played a vital role within the journey of his fifty years long business career in developing country economy of Bangladesh. He also played an important role in establishing 1st private university of the country, North south University. Currently he is the Chairman – Board of Trustee of North South University. He is associated with many social and cultural activities.  he has visited more than sixty countries of the world joining seminars and symposiums. Raju Alim had covered an interview of this impressive business person.

How did private universities started their journey in Bangladesh?

Azim Uddin Ahmed: we’ve often seen that our students go to abroad for higher studies. Once they went to UK or USA as they had no other option. study in these two countries required huge costing. Most of the family had no ability to bear this cost. But parents had will to send their offspring in abroad for higher studies. Thinking over this issue, I along with some of my friends started thinking over the concept of private university in Bangladesh. We then came to know from education ministry that we’ve to prepare private university act. So for the initiative of us, government of 1991 had created Private University Act, 1992. We got chance for advancing. We’re the first and best private university of Bangladesh and we’re working for spreading education.

What initiatives did you take to widen inventiveness of NSU students?

Nazim Uddin Ahmed: we’ve made twenty four student clubs to enhance creativity. I want to mention a club name among the twenty four that is UN Club. This UN Model Club became champion for three times within the whole world.

As a Chairman of Mutual Group, you’d an important role in establishing NSU. This initiative was not easy in education field. What kind of challenges did you face?

Azim Uddin Ahmed: my own business firm is closely associated with foreign countries from the beginning. After completing my academic life, I started to think of doing business. I personally preferred import business. I got two lines that are health sector and health drink. One is milk and another is horlicks. I got chance to visit UK and Scandinavian countries after starting these two business. All of my family members went with me and my offspring wanted to study abroad. But I wanted to let them study in Bangladesh. But there was no private university at that time. So I send my son to Boston, USA. I came to close observation of his sufferings during travelling. I felt urgency to establish a private university in Bangladesh. So we united and started NSU.

NSU’s convocation is very near. What’s your feeling?

Azim Uddin Ahmed: there are three different programs of us. Our convocation is 29th March. We want to bring Nobel laureate Sir Richard John Roberts from USA. He is a great scientist. He will be there as speaker. This will be a great source of inspiration for the students. We’ll also celebrate our 25 years journey. We want to expose our 25 years journey of excellence to the whole nation. We want to create something innovative. There is no Genome research centre in Bangladesh. Rita Colowel was the advisor of former president Barak Obama. She is member of our international advisory committee. There are twelve members of NSU International Advisory Board. Among them six members of this committee are Bangladeshi and six are American. This committee holds meeting in Washington where US president holds his meeting. We invited great scientists of the world to inaugurate this genome research centre. About 350 high-status guests will present there. We’re trying to develop our quality and our advisory committee defines our curriculum.



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