Kazi Arman Ul Haque, Preceptor of New Era Chairman, Mayor Limited


After the completion of my studies, I came to see some RMG related works done by my friends. I also nourished to do something in RMG sector. Then I started setting up a garment industry with one of my uncles. I usually look after the buyer section. I got chance to do works with some of the big buyers. I came to see that it is a big industry and we’d to work with huge workers. Later I started my own buying house known as Startex in 2001. Through this initiative, I started doing works with big retailers of abroad. Actually during that period, I nourished a desire to come in retail business. So in Oct. 2016, I started my own retail shop entitled by Mayor.

What is the motto establishing this fashion brand?

Kazi Arman: first of all, I’m working with the world leading brands who are dominating this industry. So I started thinking why do I not be like them? Why do they not recognize my brand if their brand is worldwide popular. So it was the motto of establishing my own brand to get a world recognition.

We’re producing products for different world famous brands whereas our local brands aren’t getting much international acceptance, why?

Kazi Arman:There are many reasons behind this. You may see that all the manufacturers have an association that we have not yet. If we have an association, we may get many facilities. We would also not care for government help. For example, when we export something to our foreign dealers, they get duty free facility but if we import our goods, we don’t get duty free facility. Because of this our product pricing would be high more than their products. So we face difficulties in international market due to high pricing. If we want to compete in the international market, we’ve to get duty free facilities in accessories.

What steps do you follow during dress design that makes your brand an outstanding one?

Kazi Arman:I’ve to travel much due to my business and I usually join in many fairs. I come to meet with many designers in those fairs. It’s also true that we’ve to follow someone else during dress design and everyone is doing the same. But I make my dress different due to design variation. First of all, I find out the trend but not the design. I don’t use any creative design if it is out of trend. So we collect different types of design. If I think that it would be suitable for my country, I bring it to use with my designer’s team.

‘Fusion’ is a common word in fashion clothing lines. Do you like to produce fusion work into your gallery?

Kazi Arman:Actually there is no unique design in this world right now. If you search for any unique design, you must look for fusion. There is no design variation in T-shirt. Almost same design is everywhere. Difference is in printing. There is close similarity with everyone. Once India dominated our market in case of ethnic design. Now I think Pakistan is dominating. They are sending product to our country according to our taste like embroidery and cut work. So I personally appreciate fusion work because without this you can’t produce new trend.

What is your plan for the largest festival I mean Eid –ul-fitr?

Kazi Arman:Actually there are some basic differences in shopping during Eid-ul-fitr. In case of gents, Eid-ul-fitr means Pajama and Panjabi. But ladies are usually shopping much. Considering these issues, we’re working to bring out variation. As it is summer season, we’re working on linen fabric. We’ve already developed some embroidery design for the women customers. We’re also working onjhorjhet and flower print. Our maximum products have gone to our outlets and rest of the products will come after 15 Ramadan.

How do you maintain Brand Individuality?                 

Kazi Arman:It’s a very nice and difficult question to give my answer shortly. We usually monitor every brand during a new one. Every brand has individuality and everyone has a specific field of work. Likewise we’ve also a definite field of work. I usually give priority on two sides of my branding like ladies western tops because they often becomes puzzle when they go for buying tops. They become confused which brand would suit her or which brand they would buy. I wanted to remove that confusion. Beside this, I’m working on gent’s western outfit and ladies kurti.

What is your future plan with Mayor Limited?         

Kazi Arman:My future plan is to see Mayor Limited in international arena which I’ve also mentioned earlier. There are about four thousand outlets of ZARA throughout the world. I’m planning to open my outlet very soon if I get necessary support from the government. After getting proper establishment in my country, I will move for international market.

What is your suggestion for the young generation in fashion industry?

Kazi Arman:I still feel lack of skilled man power in this industry. There are many institutions. But we need more. If we get highly skilled man power studied in abroad, we’ll move faster. I’ll also inspire my offspring to come in this industry. There are good opportunities in this sector to build up career easily.



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