The Power Man- Mohammad Aziz Khan Chairman, Summit Group


Aziz Khan is the Power Man of Bangladesh. He works in such a sector which is very much important in the sects of Politics, Economics and above all in all sects for the development of a country. This sector is as like as the backbone of the development of a country. This is Electricity. Once we had much participation in seminars and stroked more for electricity but the situation has become changed in today’s Bangladesh. There is no chaos in our country as we are having much electricity. The present Government truly has shown their capability in this sector. As we know in this arena Summit Power, the only Non-government Organization has played a great role and the Hero, behind the scene of this amplitude, is Mohammad Aziz Khan, Chairman- Summit Group. Bangladesh is growing economical country where is our GDP is about 6 to 7. In this gradual growth of economy Non-government production of electricity is playing the leading role.

In 1988 Summit Power first flourish them in this sector and today they are producing 1460 Megawatt electricity from their 14 Power Plant which is more than 15% of our total production. Now they are Number One Private Electricity Producing Company. Almost every power plant by Summit is now production. Many of their four plants is producing electricity before their schedule period. Even more their Bibiana-2 project is producing electricity in low cost which is comparatively less than any other company. This success is mainly dominating a great role of their partners. They have multi-national business organization as their partners. Those are supporting in financial and technological side. All these say Mohammad Aziz Khan. Recently in a investment summit Mohammad Aziz Khan declared that they are going to invest three billion dollar in power and electricity sector.

Summit Power is now the leading electricity producing company. But when the present Government awarded Summit for producing electricity, they as well as the Government were criticized by many people in News paper and as well as in television talk show. They were in zero tolerance because they knew that very soon they will recognize the situation and condition. Now the time has come in our country when no one is talking much in News paper and Television talk show nowadays. In this sector Bangladesh government is more successful. This success is to be brought by Government and Non Government organization those are associated in producing electricity. Rather we have a lot of demand in want of electricity and here in this sector Government and Non Government organization has to play an important role as this thinks Mohammad Aziz Khan. He thinks the main component of happiness is knowledge and wisdom. If anyone wants to perform any good job he has to be very polite and his heart to be very big. In our society, there are a lot of poor people and always their poverty dominates them. They gradually become poor mentally. If we want break this circle, we have to become educated. About the possibilities of our country Mohammad Aziz Khan says, Bangladesh is a possible country from her ancient period. How the country is developing in IT sector, they will touch the peak of success very soon and he believes this.

When he was asked about his success, he says that if he is hundred percent successful then fifty percent credits goes to his wife. It is not only for saying in reality she deserves it. He always discusses with his wife about all important matter of house hold chores and business. Their understanding is good. Mohammad Aziz Khan is happy and success in his personal life as well as in business sector and has become an idol of the society.



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