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Champion, Shera Nachiye Season 3-  Imran Haque

Farzana Ridy SheikhAKA Ridy Sheikh, is the winner of Channel I’ Most Popular reality talent Hunt Show Shera Nachiye 2016. Ridy, who recently became the champion of Shera Nachiye season 3 by beating 45 thousand participants throughout the country, entered her name in the competition from Russia. She is the daughter of Russian expatriate Prof. Dr. Shafiqul. She entered her name from Dhaka Zone. Recently The Pages had a candid interview with her regarding her personal life, upcoming projects and future plan.


The Pages: How many love offers did you receive after becoming Shera Nachiye winner?

Ridy Sheikh: Ha ha….Truly speaking, actually, I did not receive so much love offers even in Russia, that I received in Bangladesh in a few days. And most of those were sent through social media. Yes, some of them tried to propose me directly.

The Pages: How was those offers?

Ridy Sheikh: Umm …. Actually they directly said that they love me and want to marry me.

The Pages: What is your future plan? Will you enter in film industry or be attached with dancing only?

Ridy Sheikh: I used to be a choreographer in Russia. I have my own dancing school there too. So, basically my main aim is to continue my career as a dancer. But if I get good script and story, then I would like to perform as an actor also. You may know, I have already acted in a telefilm that are going to be telecasted on this Eid.


 The Pages: Eid is on the way.  Which projects are you working on for the upcoming Eid?

Ridy Sheikh: For the upcoming Eid the most important project that I have worked on is Telefilm ‘Haat Bariye Dao’, Directed by Saiful Islam Mannu. This is going to be my first telefilm and will be telecasted on Channel I this Eid. I hope everyone will like it.

The Pages: As an actress which actor would you like most to play opposite? Here are your options; 1. Sakib Khan, 2. Ananta Jalil, 3. Dipjol.

Ridy Sheikh: To be honest, because of being in Russia for a long time, I am not acquainted with Dipjol sir that much and among the other two stars I would like to act opposite Sakib Khan.

The Pages: 5 best actors and actresses of Dhallywood?

Ridy Sheikh: Actually, I can’t mention 5 best actors and actresses name that way. But yes, if you ask me about my favorite actors, then at first I must mention the name of Late Salman Shah. I am also great fan of  Riaz vai, Ferdous sir, Arefin Shuv, Sakib Khan. Among the actresses, my most favorite actress is Tisha apu. Shabnur mam is also one of my most favourite actresses. Actually, because of passing a major time period in Russia, I am not familiar that much with the celebrity.


The Pages: Acting, dancing, good looking or acadmic qualification; which fact do you think is most important to do well as a heroine?

Ridy Sheikh: Among all this, I think acting is the most important factor. Then she must have to know to dance and good looking is another important part too. Academic qualification is important, but it is not the major requirement.

 The Pages: When you were named as the winner of Shera Nachiye, how did you feel that moment?

Ridy Sheikh: The feeling of that moment can’t be expressed in words. Even I myself became totally speechless that time. All I can remember is that, I was leaping for joy that moment.


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