Subhra Debnath, a Voice of Classical Music


Subhra Debnath is a pure Rabindra Sangeet singer. She has been walking in the path of music since her early childhood. To be a great singer in this specific genre of music, she took lessons from different persons like Dilip Das, Murad Ali, Lili Islam, Sadi Mohammad and Rezwana Chowdhury Bannya. Within those years of learning, she is now a complete singer though she deserves nothing achieved yet. In 2016, she has released one studio album (“Dujone Dujonar”). Now in 2017, she has released another album on 8th May (25th Baishakh-birthday of Rabindranath Tagore). The name of the new album released by country music is “Shukhero Sondhyane”. She is continuously performing in different stages of the country.


She says, “We should be careful to create more appeal this genre of music. People are more interested to listen pop music and the audio companies are interested to release pop album. There are few companies who get interest to release a Rabindra Sangeet Album. Nevertheless, we’re artist and music is my life. I’ll cherish Rabindra Sangeet as long as I live’’.

Professionally Subhra Debnath is a teacher. She is doing her job in the dept. of Philosophy in Adarsha Degree College & University, Srinagar-Kharra-Churain, Munsiganj. Besides doing this, she is also teaching in a music school. She has also performed outside of the country. She has received numerous awards and accolades from Egypt, Nepal and Turkey among others. A pure singer of Rabindra Sangeet, Shubra refined her voice so that through her years of struggles and dedication. In this age of commerciality, it is very tough to find a singer of this type who cherish music from the deep of heart.



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