Bangabandhu’s most favourite Photographer Luthfor Rahman Khaleque Bin Joinuddin


Lutfor Rahman, this name bears an especial identity on cultural or political movement since 1960 to 1980. The new generation may not recognize this personality as easily as it had been happened much earlier than their birth. He was very much inclined with socio-cultural arena and had completed four decades with photography as a  dominant with a reliance in his state of art of own photographic styles. Luthfor Rahman had a closest relationship with the most influential political leaders of his time. His photography is still considered as the milestone by dint of his uncommon and precious photos he had taken. He was the eye witnessed of so many political events, demonstrations, struggles, and many more. During his life time, I made a courtesy visit to his residence at Mohakhali, and had extracted the glorious events of his life time, and colorful days he had spent with different personalities.

This noble photographer was born on 1926 in Murshidabad District of West Bengal under the undivided regimeBritish India. His father was then migrated to Rajshahi. The golden days of the photographer had been spent at the BoroKuttir of Rajshahi, he passed youth at that soil with a hobby with the ecstasies in photography. He has started career as the soldier of British Indian Royal Army. This young had taken the photos on the various occasions at Rajshahi and gradually he was being introduced with renowned personalities like Provash Chandra Lahiri, BirenSharker, PromothNathBishi, Mother Box, Kamruzzaman and others. As a photographer, lutfor Rahman was very much inclined with the family of ZamindarBrozenMitra of Rajshahi.

At beginning of 60s, he left Rajshahi and came to Dhaka city for the next course of professional development. He had started a busy life in photography and made a permanent address at Mohakhali with a studio named ‘Prothissobi’ at his own. Numerous photos of socio-cultural and political arena were then printed from his studio. A lot of artists like Mr. GoriProsannaMozumdar, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Amin, Shahidullah Kaisar, Raju Ahmed, Showkat Akbar, Ehtahsham, Azim, Anwar Hossain, Jahir Rayahan, Sumita Devi, RowshanZamil. Abdul Jabbar Khan, Khan Ataur Rahman, Rahman, Shabnam, Rokshana, Shabana, Kabori, Babita, Poet Shamsur Rahman, and many more. Some of them were very young, middle age, or even old aged capturedon his camera.

The most exciting memories he had captured the historical momentsof the political scenario on his camera with the student leaders Tofayel Ahmed, Nur e Alam Ziku, Rashed Khan Menon, Mujahidul Islam Salim, the prominent leaders Ataur Rahman Khan, Sharworadhi, MowlanaBhasani, and Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman. The historical addresses of Bangabondu had celluloid by his camera, still seems lively.

Mr. Luthfor Rahman won prizes on his capturing the extra ordinary photographs of Bangabandhu, the highest pride of Bengali nation. He joined then the Radio Pakistan as a Staff photographer. Rahman also worked as the personal photographer of Bangabandhu for a long time and availed the opportunities to snap the rare and exciting moments of his political life. Like this he had snapped the important movements against Ayub Khan’s Martial law Government at Rajshahi in 1966. Here he was introduced with this great leader. Bangabondhu told him, “Hi! Take my photo with good care and shall get the same at Dhaka.” This was the beginning of his journey with the Great leader and had been continued up to the tragic end of our Bangabondhu’s life.

Lutfor Rahman leaded an honest life and during his life time, he received various national and international prizes from different organizations. After the liberation period, he had worked on behalf of Shilpokala Academy, Shishu Academy, National Museum, and many more. He was the father of two sons and one daughter those are reached to their own positions. Mostafijur Rahman, one his son become a renowned photographer in the country. This great photographer had died on 2005.


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