Special Congratulations to all the winners of the elections on behalf of The Page Magazine.


Rahman-Nisanpanel’s  Victory in the Bachsas election.

AbdurRahman- Iqbal Karim’s entire panel won the Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association’s 2017-2019 election. AbdurRahman has been elected as President for the second time and Iqbal Karim Nishan has been nominated as general secretary. The elections of this traditional organization were held on 21 July at the National Press Club. Annual General Meeting concludes at 10am before the election.For the formation of the leadership of the 2017-19 session, the voting took place from 12 noon to 6pm.This time the voters were 468 people. In the elections, two panels named Rahman and Iqbal compete. There were 42 candidates in total for 21 seats. Chief Election Commissioner Farid Bashar announced the results of the polling at 9pm.Rahman got 259 votes in the presidential post and his rival candidate LitonErshad got 139 votes.Iqbal received 284 votes in the general secretary post and his rival candidate KamrulHasan got 112 votes.


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