15 August-Darkest Chapter in the History of Bangladesh.


Bangabondhu, Bangladesh and our independence have very closed relation. Bangabondhu Sheikh MujiburRahman had one of the great nationalizes leader in the world. Bangabondhu was the pioneer and architect of independent Bangladesh and its sovereignty. His political prudence, indomitable courage, eloquence and powerful leadership motivated the countrymen to join in the war of liberation.

Bangabondhu proclaimed independence on March 26 in 1971 and the people dived into nine months long bloody battle and achieved the long desired sweetest freedom, He also gave restless effort to represent an esteemed Bengali nation on the world stage. His golden-etched name will remain in the history of Bengalis and Bangladesh forever. But our nation has been waiting from 34 years for justice his brutal murders.

August 15 in 1975 is a black-chapter in the history of Bengali nation. Bangabondhu and his family members were ruthlessly murdered by anti liberation force and with the help of army member in this day. And the nation incurred an irretrievable loss. The nation is deeply shocked and full with grief for this shameful incident.

In that darkest night of 15th August 1975, heinous assassins killed the unprecedented leader of whole Bengali nation Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman, wife of Bangabandhu Sheikh Fazilatunnessa, eldest son Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal, youngest son Sheikh Russell, Sheikh Kamal’s wife Sultana Kamal, Jamal’s wife Rosy Jamal, brother of Bangabandhu Sheikh Naser, officer at SB SiddikurRahman, colonel Jamil, army soldier Syed MahbubulHaque, almost simultenously the assasins attacked the nephew of Bangabandhu, a Juba League leader Sheikh FazlulHaqueMoni’s residence and killed Sheikh FazlulHaqueMoni, his pregnant wife ArjuMoni, they attacked at brother-in-law of BangabandhuAbdurRabSerniabat’s residence and killed Serniabat and his daughter Baby, son ArifSerniabat, grandson Sukantababu, son of Serniabat’s elder brother SajibSerniabat and a relative Bentu Khan. Nation will remember all the martyrs with deep condolence and respect.

In accordance to the continued 24 year long struggles and movements against the oppressing Pakistani rulers, the call for independence he did on his great speech in the historic 7th March, 1971 address at SohrawardiUdyan is an unforgettable one. The call from his lightning voice, “This struggle, is our struggle for freedom. This struggle is the struggle for independence”, this immortal invocation mesmerized the whole oppressed nation of millions and made them start fighting for independence. Spell bound by that priceless call the nation of Bengal became the warriors without fear.

After the most tyrannical genocide happened in the dark night 25th of March, 1971 nation again heard his declaration of independence at the first hours of 26th. At that night the Pakistani forces arrested Bangabandhu from his residence at Dhanmondi. Following that he was imprisoned the whole nine months of Battle for independence in the prisons of Pakistan. But the battle ran under his call. While imprisoned he was under threats of execution but never gave up for the question of independence, as he is the dreadnought greatest leader. After the war of freedom ended, Pakistan had no other option but to release him back to Bangaldesh. Bangabandhu came back on 10th January, 1972 with heroic welcome to his envisioned independent Bangladesh.

After coming back to a war turned country, while working on to re-establish the country from ruins of war he also engaged people of the country with development. In his battle towards rebuilding the nation, he had firm belief that people of the nation will never forget his dedication and contribution to the country. Never could think them as ingrates. As the president of the newly formed Bangladesh, he kept living in his non-glamorous residence at Dhanmondi 32, instead of any state provided residence.

The conspiracies of the defeated evil forces never stopped. To avenge the defeat they consistently kept laying traps with conspiracies. Those conspirators used those aspiring mist racked army members on that 15th August killing to put such a conspiracy into reality. And they attacked the house at Dhanmondi 32. They assassinated the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu and all of his family living there. With that heinous most brutal killing ever in history of world and human civilization, they not only killed Bangabandhu but tried to kill the ideals the thousand years awaited and achieved ideals of independences along with him.

Bangabandhuinfluenced the whole Bengali nation with the spirit of nationalism to be brave enough to start an armed revolution against the colonial ruler and oppressor the Pak Military force. So is he immortal to the spirit of this nation. Bangabandhu is not just a person, the name of a great idea. The idea which reinvigorated the whole nation. The Bengali nationalism, democracy, socialism and secularism the philosophies with which the constitution of the country was created by the architect of independence and greatest ever Bengali in thousands of years, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. In the realm of oppressors and the oppressed, Bangabandhu was beside the absorbed.

Bangabandhu might have been killed physically but his soul is immortal. He lives eternally. Because, he is the visionary and the architect of a Nation-state. As long as this country exists, he will exist immortally.


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