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Alhaj Mohammad Ferdous khan Alamgir was born in a Musilim family on August month of 1966 at Gohira village of Raojanthana Chittagong. This delighted man has come to business life from his education life. His father’s name is late AlhajAyub khan and mother’s name is Monoara Begum. Ferdous Khan is a successful business person in his business life. He is a good social worker also. He is doing his business successfully for 26 years.  He is the managing director of Baghdad trading Co., Baghdad Exim Corporation and Alamgir Transport ltd. He is also working as the Director of Union Insurance Co. ltd, Southern University, Kornofuli Business Corporation. He is the proprietor of Baghdad Express, Ferdous Enterprise, Alomgir brothers, G.M Transport, Monowara Enterprise and Khan Enterprise. Beside that he is a respectable life member of Lion Foundation, Chittagong Press Club, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Chittagong Committee and National Najrul Council.  He is also former director of Dhaka & Chittagong chamber of commerce, joint general secretary Dutch Bangla chamber of commerce & Industries.He is very much ahead in social activities. Various social organizations have given him awards on various topics. University circumambulation magazine has given him award for successful businessman & social workers in 2007. He has given award for Industrial Entrepreneur and Social Worker by Chittagong Press Club, Bangladesh Fertilizer Association and Millennium Development Association.

Tell me about your family and education.


We are 3 brothers and 1 sister in our family. In my family I have 2 sons and 1 girl. I have completed BA. Bagdad group had made by my father. My father died in 2004. After that we are three brothers looking after the business.I am Chairman and my immediate younger brother is Vice Chairman, younger brother is Managing Director.  It is our family business. We were the only one jute importer in Bangladesh. Including Chittagong, Narayangonj and Dhaka we have contributed to the agricultural sector of Bangladesh. Beside that we have made an University. This is the Southern University.


How did you come to this business? How did your father start this business in Chittagong? How you are 3 brothers did you come to this business?

My father used to do clothes business first. The Baghdad Group was formed after the clothes business and we take up the business.

How did the name Baghdad come from?

The name of Baghdad is my father’s choice. He was a religious man. He gave the name from Baghdad Sharif of Gauss Pak.

What type of business are you doing in Baghdad Group now?

Now in Baghdad Group we are doing exporting, importing, trading, deep-sea fishing, passport, logistic support, our insurance companies, real estate business, shipping business and education business.We also have our import and manufacturing business. In this way our business runs.

When did the Baghdad Express bus service begin and what brand of bus you are using?

We started this business in 2005. Actually I have little greed for cars. Especially on Mercedes cars. Once I went to a friend of mine to buy Mercedes carsin the Rangs shop. Then he told me that his many Mercedes buses are in Malaysia. Since I have business across the country, he told me that if I want then I can use these buses for business purpose. As he told about Mercedes car so that I can’t control myself. Then I had started transport business.  Then launched this business at hotel Westin. Many big secretaries and industrialists came and we had developed the Baghdad Express.  First we got down 5buses on road. Now our 40 buses operate on Dhaka, Chittagong, Beanpole routes. That’s how our Baghdad Express started. We have gotten down Megamind bus on road. Many people thanks to us that we have left a world class car in the market. Our country is a business friendly country. I have chosen sleeping time so that businessmen can travel properly.

What are the other bus services you would like to start in 2017?

I started man mammoth bus service this year. It is a bus of Switzerland. We took steps of the whole process to launch with the new shape of Mercedes.

How can local tourism of Bangladesh improve from your point of view?

Cox’s bazar is a world famous tourist spot. Now a days Malaysia and Thailand earn 60-70% economy from the tourist spot. I think it’s possible in our country too. I will put an appeal to the government to make communication system better at touristic spots. Security system needs to be better more. In Bangladesh, I think it would be possible to earn an economy like those countries.


What is your opinion for the new people who want to come to this tourism or bus service business?


The more businessmen would be as good for my country. Earlier the transportation was three.  Now total transportation is twenty. But we are not having any problems. But if the government helps I think the tourism will go a long way. This will be a great success for our country.

In which countries do you export products?

We export fishes to China, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. The government’s revenue has come from here. We import food grain, wheat from Russia and China and distribute among the farmers.


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