A Premium Exhibition of Health & Fitness Solutions in Bangladesh



A person who is healthy & fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. Physical and mental wellbeing plays very important roles in your lives and people who are both, physically and mentally well are less prone to medical conditions as well.


Maintaining health is a continued process shaped by both knowledgeof health care issuesas well as various practices. It is well-known that health can be maintained not only through the advancement and application of health science, but also through the efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices of the individual and society.

According to the World Health Organization, the main determinants of health include social and economic environment, physical environment, and person’s individual characteristics and behaviors. With this, Bangladesh’s First ever Health & Fitness Expo is being structured to be an instrument in presenting different keys from established medical modalities to alternative health practices, fitness and health related demonstrations, herbal health and beauty, natural and organic food, recreation and more.

Why is it Important to Be Physically Fit?

People physically fit are able to maintain their most optimum weight not being prone to cardiac and other health problems. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes that may take place.

Taking this philosophy into account, Savor International is organizing a three day long program on Health & Fitness 2017. This event will demonstrate a range of health & fitness products ranging from organic drinks & food to exercise machines, bicycles manufacturers & importers, sports equipment manufacturer, clothes & outfits from home and abroad. There will be various Gym and Fitness centers, Saloon & SPA, Tourism Club & Organization which will display their products and packages with discounts.




Event Name    :                       Health & Fitness

Detail               :                       An International Exhibition on Health & Fitness Products

Date                :                       14-16 December, 2017

Location          :                       Dhaka, Bangladesh

Venue              :           Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC)

Opening Hours:                       10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Frequency       :                       Annual

Open to           :                       Trade / Business & Public Visitors

Organizer        :                       SAVOR International Limited

Cooperated by:                       Postmaster Communication

Expected number of Booths: 300

Trade Value(Expected)  :            USD 10 Million (Approx.)

Official Website     :                      www.savorbd.com





  • To provide a platform for all the stakeholders related to Health & Fitness industry so as to showcase their smart products
  • Ideal opportunities for Bangladesh companies to introduce new products and also establish/widen dealer network.
  • To provide an ideal opportunity to existing distributors/retailors to tie up with new international companies.
  • Showcase products, brand and activities in an exciting setting focused on the latest innovations and market trends.
  • To Initiating a strategic relationship and partnership with key industry players, foreign buyers and solution providers and policy makers
  • To motivate people for healthy and beautiful life style.





Personal Invitation to Chairman, MD, CEOs, other decision makers, investors, consultants and experts from the following fields:

  • Distributors, Retailers
  • Dealers of Imported Products
  • Sports Goods Retail Stores / Chains, Institutional Buyers
  • Bicycling Clubs
  • Software & MNC Office campuses / Gated Communities
  • Online Shopping Portals
  • Bicycle Enthusiasts – Looking for a business opportunity
  • Bicycle Enthusiasts – Looking for their ultimate bike
  • Owners, Directors & Consultants of Fitness Clubs
  • Gyms and Aerobics & Yoga Centers
  • Wellness Studios
  • Managers/Administrators of Public Sports Facilities
  • Athletic Federations
  • Sports Associations
  • Universities
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Training Institutions for Martial Arts
  • Physiotherapy Centers
  • Multipurpose Clubhouses
  • Private Residential Facilities
  • Corporate Fitness Facilities
  • Rehabilitation & Medical Facilities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Centers
  • Sports Retail Boutiques
  • Developers & Builders
  • Dealers/Distributors/Resellers/Importers
  • Dietician, Nutritionists & Physiotherapists,
  • Mall Owners, Directors, Consultants & Professionals
  • General Fitness & Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Saloon-Spa Owners and Managers
  • Pharmacists & herbalists
  • Natural medicine practitioners,
  • Departmental stores & convenience stores owners, cosmetic shops & health stores owners
  • Make-up artists
  • Media/press
  • Students from beauty professional schools
  • Manufacturers of cosmetics, perfumes; toiletries, skin care, hair care, body care and oral care.
  • Professionals and owner in the beauty & hair business, like beauty therapists, hairdressers, aroma therapists, spa therapists, makeup artists, massage therapists, beauty students, dermatologists, Beauty therapist, massage therapists’, consultants, etc.


BICYCLE SHOW                                                       NATURAL & ORGANIC

·         Bicycles

·         Tricycles

·         E-bikes

·         Bicycle Parts & Comp.

·         Bicycle Accessories

·         Cycling Gears

·         Bicycle Tools

·         Tyres& Tubes

·         Bicycle Machinery

·         Industrial Paints & Chemicals

·         Indoor Cycles

·         Non-toxic Product

·         Natural food Products

·         Chemical free foods

·         Organic Agro products

·         Natural Non-food products like jute, hand-made products

·         Recycles organic products.

·         Nutritional Supplements



WORKOUT EQUIPMENT                                        SPORTS EQUIPMENT

·         Fitness Equip. & Acc.

·         Vibration Training Equip.

·         All kinds of Sportswear

·         Treadmills

·         Operators

·         Home Trainers

·         Heart Rate Monitors

·         Aerobic Equipment’s

·         Camping & Trekking

·         Survival Equipment

·         Carrying Equipment

·         Rollers

·         Weights

·         Pilates Equipment

·         Yoga & Aerobics Equip.

·         Weight Lifting Equipment

·         Massage Equipment

·         Sports Medical & Physiotherapy Center

·         Health Club and Fitness Centers

·         Tennis

·         Golf

·         Football

·         Cricket Equipment’s

·         Basketball

·         Badminton

·         Sports Equip. & Acc.

·         Nordic Walking

·         Team Sports

·         Table Tennis Scooter Sailing

·         Running

·         Kayaking

·         Mountaineering

·         Hiking

·         Swimming

·         Skate Board

·         Squash

·         Diving

·         Fishing

·         Boxing Gears

·         Skating Equipment

·         Outdoor Sports Gear & Equip

·         Water Sports

·         Sports Medicine and Supplements


HERBAL & BEAUTY                                                            SALOON & SPA

·         Herbal Product Manufacturers

·         Raw Material Suppliers

·         Raw Material Growers

·         Organic Food Suppliers

·         Producers Suppliers

·         Traders & Retailers

·         Investor / Policy Makers

·         Drug Stores / Pharmacies

·         Researchers & Education Institutions

·         Spas & Health / Lifestyle Companies

·         Marketing & Direct-selling Companies

·         Relevant Government Agencies

·         Industry Related Business​

·         Herbal beauty products.

·         Sliming products

·         Aroma Therapist

·         Cosmetic Packaging.

·         Herbal Cosmetic ingredients

·         Herbal products Dealer, Distributors and Importers.

·         Beauty Clinic and Leaser Treatment.

·         Salon and Beauty Parlor

·         Beauty & Hair Salon Products & Equipment

·         Salon & Spa furniture and equipment

·         Cosmetics / Nail / Hair / Skin Care

·         Spa & Wellness

·         Aesthetics & Cosmetology

·         Retail & Franchise

·         Spa & retail products& Perfume.

·         Skin care & hair Salon products.

·         Heir Firming Products



·         Urban Adventures

·         Diving

·         Fishing

·         Surfing

·         Swimming

·         Adventure Tour

·         Holyday Park& Resorts

·         Amusement Park

·        Tour Operators

and many more…


Day 1: Cycle Mini Marathon

Day 2:  a)        Body Building Competition

  1. b) Puppet Show on Health Safety

Day 3: a)         Dialogue on Health & Safety

  1. b) Musical Unplugged.


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