Technology Boosts a Singer but Decreases Their Longevity


A real entertainment magazine program ‘Shilpo Binodon’ is all about of art, literature and culture is directed by Raju Alim and hosted by the famous presenter Moushumi Borua. The program is broadcast in the leading satellite television Channel-i. Raju Alim, the director of ‘Shilpo Binodon’ has acquainted the last episode with two famous singers Hamin Ahmed and Shusmita Anis. These two singing personality are of a same roof. They are the children of a singing family. Hamin’s mother is the legend of Nazrul song; the one and only sensation of the continent- Firoza Begum and his father is the famous Kamol Dasgupta. Shusmita Anis is the daughter of Anis-Ud-Dowla, an industrialist. Anis-Ud-Dowla is the brother of Firoza Begum. Shusmita learnt her singing lesson to Firoza Begum. She was very much devoted learner. Hamin Ahmed and Shusmita Anis have come together on a show for the first time at any television channel. Hamin Ahmed says about his parents that being a child of these two famous persons, I feel proud. They were broad and open minded people in singing. Otherwise it was impossible to become a band personality. They always said that whatever you will do that must be best and do dedicatedly. I was inspired from the family to do the best ever. So, I always think that I have to do best. Every day and every moment their inspiration inspired us. At a moment Shusmita Anis says about how was Firoza Begum as a teacher. She says, ‘Firoza Begum is always with me. Whatever I did, I shared with her. She always advised me; how will I sing in a program and what will be the selection. Now I really miss her every single moment. I miss her smiling face, little comment and my excitement to her. I learnt how to love music first from her eyes.’

Hamin Ahmed shares a story that was untold and unknown to the people that is, Firoza Begum had a quest for girl baby. As she had three sons and no daughter, she cared for Joya (Shusmita Anis) as her own daughter. Firoza Begum prepared Joya for Notun Kuri and learnt everything. After winning in the Notun Kuri, my mother was very happy as she has conquered a new country. At this moment Hamin Ahmed becomes passionate. Later when Joya went to abroad for reading Ma (Firoza Begum) missed her a lot but after her coming she was very joyful. Hamin Ahmed says that when she (Joya) was singing in a live program at Channel-i, Ma was admitted into a hospital. But she didn’t miss the live program she enjoyed the program laying in the hospital bed.

Shusmita Anis says that there started a trend to make a music video besides the song. So, as I always with the song and the young listener love for a video on the particular song; I make it for them. I have made a music video where an Iranian model has performed. In another part of the conversation, Hamin was asked that Shafin Ahmed, a vocalist of band Miles has sung a Nazrul song but why didn’t he? Hamin Ahmed answered that band is a joint work if everybody moves to the solo career then the band remains no more band. It breaks down. There are a lot of examples in Bangladesh. Rather Ma and Baba (Firoza Begum and Kamol Dasgupta) sang such type of Nazrul song, if I’m not fully prepared for singing, I shouldn’t do it. But I have a quest that in future I will rearrange the song that my Ma and Baba sang. Hamin Ahmed says about realizing a song in Youtube that technology boosts a singer but decreases his/her longevity. Today we don’t get a series of super hit song like past and it’s all about the result of technology. At the end of the program they sing a Nazrul song- ‘Mone pore aaj se kon jonome bidai shondhabela…’ without using musical instrument.


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