Mehendi Design


Amazing Ramadan Hand Decoration

There are so many types of Mehendi Designs such as Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and many more. All these types depict their areas and traditions as well. All the ladies love to apply them on their hands and feet. In Muslim countries, girls like to wear henna styles on some religious events also such as Eid Ul Fitr. All the fashion lovers like them so much because of their inspiring look. No doubt in this fact that fashion changes with time. And all the men and women adopt latest trend quickly. All the patterns of best Eid Mehndi ideas are just according to the demand of modern women. Their patterns are changing from others and they have a wide variety.

Eid is coming and young girls are searching for Mehndi Designs. After one month of Ramadan we will celebrate the festival of Eid. This is a Holy month and all the Muslims respect it. I know that all the people are ready to have fast. Now please forget your problems for few minutes and see these awesome styles. Young girls love to do shopping on chandraat. They like to visit markets late night for amusement and fun. Indian mehndi designs are traditional and according to latest fashion. Baby girls like to apply round shape patterns on their cute hands. Nail polish increases the beauty of Henna. Tailors also become so much busy these days. They have to face lots of work before this festival. All the women are getting awareness of new trends. So they want to catch them with the help of their tailors. Every woman love to apply henna on two main occasions. These two functions are wedding and Eid. They do not forget to apply henna tattoos at those times. Bridal mehndi designs are complicated and difficult too. They can only applied by professional beauticians. Dots and flowers are very common in this art. They are including in every style. Without these two things all designs are incomplete. Therefore they are very important part and everybody should know about this.

In this age very few ladies go with classic styles. But majority of women love to decorate their hands with complicated patterns. Keep calm and think about the style you want to apply. For this girls should take information about the kind of pattern. Round shape designs are traditional and old. It is the simplest form of henna tattoos. It is very easy to apply and everybody can try it at home. Asian women love to make stylish patterns on front side of their hand. You can make tikki on both side front and back. Some latest mehndi designs are easy while others are difficult. It is up to you that which one is your favorite floral pattern. Girls I would like to tell you that always prefer your choice.

Peacock Mehndi Designs

Today we will discuss latest and stylish Peacock Mehndi designs. Some women like to apply mehndi on their hairs as it is a best and natural conditioner. You can apply them on your hands, feet and arms. Today the trend of making henna tattoos on neck, back, legs and face is becoming more popular among modern girls and celebrities. The peacock designs of mehndi are very attractive and beautiful. In olden days, women used to make simple styles like round “tikki” and others similar to it.But now, no one can satisfy with those simple mehndi designs. All the beauticians and experts are struggling hard to discover new and unique henna patterns. It is an art and only professionals can do their work perfectly. These patterns have ability to attractive every girl towards them. You can also add your traditional ideas to make them more impressive. Bridal Mehndi designs include stylish peacock like shapes and other floral motifs. The day of wedding is very big and important in a girl’s life. And she hopes that it should be perfect. She wants to look more stylish and gorgeous on this day.

In Asian countries, peacock has become most favorite Mehndi style of everybody. It contains different cultures of different countries all over the world. Henna can make your body parts more attractive as it looks very beautiful. You can also add some glitters of various colors along with elegant and best mehndi styles. It can give you a natural beauty as well. Through it every young girl and women can enjoy the real charm. Combinations of sparkling colors, soft stones and glitters create glamour. Make your personality perfect with beautiful and best “Mehndi Designs”.

New Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi Designs are carefully weighed a sign of some celebrations that you must have to do in your life. Mehndi is the thing that is widely used in the world to make hands more beautiful and graceful. Any function or party that is going to be happened in Pakistan, is cannot be ended without mehndi. Even bride or a simple girl cannot complete her makeup without making designs of mehndi on hands and feet because everyone knows this is the trademark of Pakistani culture. So you can be inspired by the gorgeous Pakistani mehndi designs or ask your beautician to bring out the Pakistani look. Remember beautiful design does not make you beautiful; the unique pattern will make you unique and beautiful.


Bangladeshi Designs

Mehendi design is not the part of our culture what the alta deserves. Nevertheless girls always look after new trends of fashion and beauty. By this way mehndi designs get popularity in this land. There are many traditional mehndi designs in our country which depicts the adjacent areas or culture and some are inspired by other cultures. Therefore Mehndi designs here builds with inspiration and fusion. But now day’s beauty experts throughout the country discovered some excellent mehndi trends which are recognized of our own and they are always busy to have something new. So you may seek help of a beautician or your neighboring friends to get the unique Bangladeshi designs in this coming festival.


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