Power-Gen 2017, a Power Exhibition in Bangladesh


A decade ago, less than 50 percent of Bangladeshis had access to electricity; today, 78 percent have it, underlining the impressive progress made by the Government of Bangladesh in providing power to all its citizens, which it aims to do by 2021.

The performance of Bangladesh’s energy sector compares favorably with that of its larger South Asian neighbors, at least when it comes to distribution and transmission losses (together around 14 percent) and collection efficiency (above 90 percent).

Bangladesh initiated a successful program of private power production as early as the late 1990s and has since embarked on a large public investment program in the sector as well as a systematic program of electricity imports from India. However, considerable challenges remain.  Demand exceeds the supply of power at current prices. Generation capacity is still only 60 percent of Pakistan’s, which has a similar-sized population and per capita annual consumption of 392 kilowatts per hour is among the lowest levels in the world. 

Moreover, power outages are still common in Bangladesh leading to losses of about two to three percent of the country’s gross domestic product, or GDP. Inefficient technology, poor operational practices, and inadequate maintenance limit the supply of energy, as does a shortage of natural gas, which fuels about 70 percent of Bangladesh’s power. The shortage of natural gas means many energy generators have turned to inefficient, dirty diesel and fuel oil. That has pushed up the cost of power in Bangladesh and led to government subsides of $500 million to $600 million each year to keep prices at current levels. Liquefied natural gas imports are planned but will drive up the price of gas domestically.

Also, transmission capacity in Bangladesh is not growing fast enough to keep up with power generation, resulting in supply bottlenecks in important commercial corridors (such as Chittagong and Comilla). And periodic outages, like the November 2014 country-wide blackout, perpetuate concerns about the security and stability of the country’s power grid.

Therefore the power generation industry is facing more change, at a faster pace, than ever before. As policies and technologies change, markets favor the proactive and informed. That’s why the power Exhibition has an enormous importance. The PowerGen Int’l Expo provides a platform for the entire power generation professionals to meet, network, and address the critical issues facing the power industry.

Objective of Power-Gen 2017 Int’l Expo

  • To provide a platform for all the stakeholders related to Power industry so as to showcase their smart products and solutions.
  • To promote safe & smart power solutions
  • Engaging industry experts and clients to discuss the next generation solutions
  • Raising awareness among engineers, policy makers and clients about technological advancement in power industry
  • Engaging roll out innovations and new technologies for domestic market

Initiating a strategic relationship and partnership with key industry players, foreign buyers and solution providers and policy makers

Power-Gen 2017, A Platform for the Exhibitors:

Power-Gen 2017 aims to extend a platform for your organization to come in front of the decision makers that spec and source billions of dollars in Power Generation sectors for their plans and multiple projects. Exhibiting at Power-Gen 2017 will generate an opportunity for the exhibitors to engage in discussions one-on-one, demonstrate and introduce their products and solutions in an interactive manner. Engagement of international exhibitors from potential Export Zones of Bangladesh may lead good opportunity for our power industry players to reach beyond domestic peripheral. Moreover, this exhibition will build attendance through 360◦ marketing campaigns that creates millions of advertising impressions in print, direct mail, email, electronic media and so on.

Unique propositions of Power-Gen 2017

  • A specialized exhibition targeting Power Generation & Transmission, Energy & Renewable Energy for future urban & rural development of our country.
  • Participation of International Power Industry and consultants in the exhibition that may help our local companies to explore with export opportunities. E.g. Power industry players and importers from Southeast Asia and other highly prospective countries.
  • A distinctive platform for International Organizations to exhibit their SMART Power products and solutions in Bangladesh market.
  • Extensive integrated brand communication for Power-Gen to the market.
  • Opportunity to gather knowledge about new technology and innovation in the power industry that may help exhibitors to stand for tomorrow.
  • Innovative installations in the venue. e.g. Giant LED Display to play Television commercials and informative Audiovisuals of the Sponsors and Participants.

Event Plan

Event Name : POWER-GEN 2017 INT’L EXPO

Concurrent Event : RENEWABLE ENERGY SHOW 2017

Detail : An Exhibition on Safe & Smart Power Solutions

Date : 11~13 May, 2017

Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Venue : Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC)

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

Frequency : Annual

Open to : Trade / Business & Public Visitors

Organizer : SAVOR International Limited

Cooperated by : Postmaster Communication

Expected number of Booths : 300

Trade Value(Expected) : 300 Million (Approx.)

Official Website  : www.savorbd.com

Source: www.worldbank.org/savor international


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