Education is a color to shine: An exclusive interview with Professor Dr. Anwarul Haq Sharif, VC of Bangladesh University


-HAZM Mahegir, Fellow: World Bank Institute

Presently Bangladesh University (BU) has qualified to get a good rank among the private universities. This varsity has started its journey in 2001 for providing quality higher education at a minimum cost especially for the financially underprivileged. For more than a decade, BU has been increasing and nurturing talent within the youth with modern knowledge and information technology. Late Quazi Azher Ali, M.Sc. (DU), MPA (Harvard), was the founder of BU as its first Vice Chancellor. He held this position since its inception in October, 2001 till the day of his death on December 15, 2009. He achieved high academic achievement with long and varied experiences in national and international level.

Professor Dr Anwarul Haq Sharif has joined as new Vice-Chancellor to Bangladesh University in 2017 for next four years. Prof Sharif did his Honors and Master’s from Dhaka University in 1964 and 1965 respectively. He then joined in Dhaka University as a Lecturer in 1965 and was worked as the house tutor of Zahurul Haque Hall up to 1975.  He was compelled to resign from the post of Associate Professor from Dhaka University by the Military Government to protest the killing of Father of Nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman. Later he started working as Assistant Professor in Al-Fateh University of Libya. After graduation of Dhaka University, he was engaged as a young Lecturer of Mathematics in Nizamuddin College, Kalkini, Madaripur. That was a golden time of his career.


Professor Sharif completed his PhD in Pure Mathematics from Free University, Brussels, Belgium in 1970. In 1987, Prof Sharif joined the department of Mathematics in Jahangirnagar University as Associate Professor and Provost of Shahed Salam-Barkot Hall. He was the Professor and Dean of Mathematics and Physical Sciences of Jahangirnagar University. He is a life member of Bangladesh-Mathematics-Association. Eleven Scientific Articles were published in different journals at both national and international levels. Professor Dr. Sharif was the Chairman, 17th International Mathematics Conference.

We have taken an exclusive interview with Professor Dr. Anwarul Haque Sharif, VC of Bangladesh University on aspect of quality education, development, and related matters.

The Pages:Sir, we know that you’ve so many years of experience in the field of education and academics at home and abroad. How do you see the rapid changes which have taken place in establishing of Private universities in Bangladesh?

Dr. Sharif: I have been engaged in teaching profession not less than 50 years.In 1970, I have started my career as a Lecturer in Mathematics Department of Dhaka University, and then worked as Professor and Dean at JU.

Quality education of under graduation is a demand of our society in balancing employment and business prospect. You see, especially in America all students can’t get equal facilities to pursue higher study after schooling. They have enrolled in jobs first, and after some years, they enroll to the varsities. Private universities are created for business; we can say more precisely ‘education business’ now we do accumulate those students who can take this opportunity to study as their choice. Earlier that was not possible due to the limited seats in public university. So I feel is the positive change that is fetched by the private university.The vision of BU is to develop and nurture talent with modern knowledge to meet the national needs in global perspective to face the challenge in job markets.

The Pages: What are the core strengths of teaching quality in Bangladesh University? And how does it differ from the others?

Dr. Sharif: We select our teaching staffs under a series of recruiting procedure based on some fixed points. Time to time, we are exclusively guided by UGC of Bangladesh regarding appointment of Teaching Staffs; moreover we have develop some academic judgments in context of reality.

Proper scrutiny, intense ability to teach the subjects, we recruit the qualified persons.In-depth knowledge is the most important quality of a university teacher;we know that according to research into student perspectives on teaching quality. The mark of a decent teacher is a high level of interaction with students, both inside and outside lecture theatres. And our teaching staffs make them friendly to understand the students’ ability and inability.

The Pages: As our family friend,we know that Late Quazi Azhar Ali, Ex-Secretary, Executive Director of ADB was the founder and first VC of this university. Please tell us about your University’s current growth and development that you have done.

Dr. Sharif: It’s quite impressive that we have receiving excellent responds from the parents and guardians all over from Bangladesh. Our BBA program is satisfactory and current session 50 students are enrolled in this program. Next Bachelor in CSE, EEE, Pharmacy, Economics, English, Sociology, and Law departments are running smoothly with adequate students and the competent teaching staffs. There is shortage of quality teachers in CSE, EEE, and Pharmacy subjects. We are thinking to open some new department like Bachelor in Nursing and health studies, Environment and Earth Science, and Hospital management.


Meantime we have constructed a permanent campus having 1.7026 acres of land  located at 5/B, Beribandh Main Road, Adabar, Dhaka which is well connected with other parts of the city and only one and a half kilometers away from Mohammadpur and expectant that we would be able to shift some departments. We have women hostel for the female student along with a large canteen facility for all.

The Pages: How do you plan to make your students more competent for job enrollment at the present crisis exists on job market?

Dr. Sharif: We endeavor from the first semester for every student on reciprocal method in teaching to make them be suitable and participatory involvement and in delivering speech, writing, and discussion on tropics smoothly. The students shall occupy the solution method to face the hurdles of practical life. We recently introduced Debate club, and we have running our Business club, Science Club with some other contemporary subjects by the teacher-student active participation with competition with other universities. Computer and English learning are the compulsory subjects all most every discipline. As early as possible we shall introduce Career Development Wing for the fresh graduates from our university to extend our assistance to the job seekers and involving business.

The Pages: What are benefits you expect to receive from the University grant commission to uplift graduate education?

Dr. Sharif: It pertinent to express our gratitude the Chairman of UGC that we’re always welcome by the concern authorities, especially UGC authority regularly call us on discussion meeting and we have to submit report in the time frame. We hope Concern Ministry shall arrange to donate us some costly books on Pharmacy, and Science from UNESCO, and such international organization working in our country.

The Pages: We’ve seen that your university has recently structured the 3rd campus for architecture faculty. Would you please tell us its design and the history?

Dr. Sharif: Yes, it’s a scenic construction with modern design of architecture that is applauded by the professional persons who had visited recently. The faculty of Architecture of our university has engaged with the professional bodies. As per requirement of our varsity, we built this costly campus with modern amenity.

The Pages: Since you’re enough busy for the coming 2nd Convocation program in this Victory month, so we shall discuss next time. We like to publish a creative report over this occasion. Thank you Sir, An interview on a very busy hour that you have managed for The Pages.

Dr. Sharif:On behalf our university, I congratulate you and The Pages to share ideas since you are engaged in Media and Consultant profession.

You’re most welcome on our 2nd Convocation in the 27th December 2018.



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