Exclusive Interview Of Bidya Sinha Mim


-Musanna Mustafiz

Q: Light, camera, action, what does it feel from morning to night?

Mim: It feels good to me. Actually I enjoy it.

Q: TVC, Photoshoot, drama, stage show, cinema inside the country and outside the country- how do you manage all of these?

Mim: Actually it happens automatically. The time schedule of every work is set earlier. So that nothing is stuck. When I am starting a movie work then I have to go abroad for a month. In this case I actually do only movie’s work. Then I am not engaged with anything other else. For a stage show the time schedule is set earlier. So I fixed the date and prepare myself accordingly. Even I know that which work i shall have to do after four months. So that I have no problem to manage these.

Q: How did this success start up?

Mim: Lux channel-I super star is a platform where an ordinary girl can fill her dream. She can get a chance of work from here. I was also an ordinary girl. From this program my lifestyle has changed. From this program, I started everything. I feel very proud of this program. This program is really a big event. I am the brand ambassador of this program, it is a great achievement for me.

Q: Recently Mom, Mahjabin and you have been a model of lux advertising? Big brand, big producer, large range set, another 2 lux beautiful woman, how was your experience? 

Mim: The experience was good. In earlier we were doing a program together. Then we meet each other. But for a TVC it was the first time we worked together. The experience was really good for me.

Q: Work with whom you feel exciting among the contemporary co-stars?

Mim: I feel good to work with all the costars. I have no specific name. All the costars whom I worked were good. And I also feel good to work with them.

Q: In which popular character you want to act?

Mim: Obviously a lots of character. I cannot mentioned it right now. But actually I want to play a character as like superwoman or disabled woman.


Q: Is the acting experience different in the movie? Do you work in a new movie outside the country?

Mim: I feel very good to work on a large screen. Actually my work started from movie. The name of the movie was ‘Amar Ache Jol’. So that I always feel comfortable with movie work. You have already known that I did some movie outside the country. In future some new movies are also coming. I will let you know the name after I signing the movie.

Q: What is your inspiration?

Mim: My main inspiration is my family. My mother supports me a lot. Her contribution is highest. Beside that my father, younger sister also supports me. These three persons helped me a lot and still now the help me so much. So my inspiration is mainly my family.

Q: With which work recently you are busy?

Mim: The work of and old movie was left. The name of the movie is ‘Daag’.Recently I am acting in this movie. Beside that i have to go for a song’s shooting in Bangkok. Beside that I have to work some new movies. I will let you know are signing the movie.

Q: You have already done some popular work? Which work you kept in forward.

Mim: Obviously ‘Paddo Patar Jol’. I fell very happy to play the character of this movie. Beside that all other movies was my favorite.

Q: How could you manage time for your friends and family even you are so busy?

Mim:  My free time is always for my family. When I get a free time then I spend time with my family. I do not go any other places.

Q: What are you doing in your leisure time? 

Mim: In my leisure time I see a lots of movies, spend time in my home, reading story books. That’s it.

Q: We know that sometime you do writing? How is your writing going on?

Mim:  I do no continue my writing. Actually I am busy with my work most of the time. My two books were published on 2013. After that for my busyness I can’t continue my writings.  And I don’t know in future it is going on or not. But if I do any kind of writings then my fans will obviously know.


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