Shopping Online: Suitability, Bargain and a few Dodge


-Musanna Mustafiz

Now a day an important part of many people’s lives is online buying and selling.

For the exchange of virtually all types of goods and services, online marketplaces provide a new and more convenient venue.So that without the pressure of a salesperson, virtual stores allow people to shop from the comfort of their homes. In my article, I have described how online shopping works, I also described pros and cons of online shopping.

How online shopping works:

Shopping online is just like heading out to the store. You can buy all the same things from your home computer and can sometimes even get access to better sales.


Finding a product:

For shopping online first you have to start by searching the product. For this, you must have visited the website. Online websites are ready to provide you to find the product easily. You can find your desired product as like an offline shop here easily with the help of a computer, laptop and even from a phone. You can compare the product price easily by comparing the website and offline shop.

Buying and Receiving the Product:

After finding and selecting your desired product, the webpage usually has a “checkout” option. When you check out, you are often given a list of shipping and payment options. Depending on the shipping company being used and your location, standard shipping usually takes seven to 21 business days and expedited shipping can take anywhere from two to six business days.

When it comes to paying for your purchase, there are also different options and these are E-Check and Credit Card.

Pros and cons of online shopping:

Though online shopping is very popular. But online shopping has some pros and cons also.

Pros of online shopping are given below:

  1. Convenience: To buy a product through the online shop is very convenient. It can do people from home actually.
  2. Cost savings: Online shop save people’s time and convene cost. Beside that on holidays shops are very busy, it is actually a pain to buy products with a huge gathering in a shop. But online shop reduces this fact.
  3. No Pressure: On a virtual store there is no pressure of salesman bargaining. People can buy products that the website fixed the product price.
  4. Easy Comparison: People can easily compare the price of the product through the different online websites.

Cons of Online shopping are given below:

  1. Increased Risk of Identity Theft: When paying for your goods online, it can be very easy for someone to intercept sensitive information such as a credit card number, address, phone number or account number.
  2. Vendor Fraud: If the vendor/seller is fraudulent, he or she might accept your payment and either refuse to send you your item or send you the wrong or a defective product.

Beside some dodge online shopping has lots of pros actually. But I advise anyone to keep himself protected. If you think that the website is fake or their deal is not perfect, then leave the site and always buy from the right website. Actually, this is not a difficult task. As a social human being, we all get a news from our surrounding.


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