Who’s Who Award for countries best multipliers

-Tauhidul Islam Apu

International Organization ‘Who’s Who’ gave the award of 12 multipliersfor the contribution of different important sector on Friday at Radisson Blu Hotel. In this year painter Sahabuddin, Fiction Selina Hossain, Dramatics Ali Hossain, Journalist Golam Sarwar, Cultural and corporate personalities M E Chowdhury Shamim, Professor Rafikul Islam awarded for the contribution of different important sector.Dominant person’s short life story disclosure and medalIncluding United States world’s various countrieshas given by ‘Who’s Who’since 1849.

Finance ministerAbul Mal Abdul Muhit gave honorary award to the multipliers.

Lifetime achievement award has given to special painters Sahabuddin.

For contributions to social activities Valery An Taylor, in journalism Golam Sarwar, In education professor Rafikul Islam, in agriculture professor Dr. M A Rahim, in art and culture dramatist Ali Jaker and fiction Selina Hossain, In sports Kazi Salahuddin, in trade M A Rauf, women entrepreneur Monowara Hakim Ali, in expat Bangladeshi sector Dr. Shahjahan Mahmud.

In the ceremony of reputation award including others there were also present the former United Nations Permanent representative and chief advisor of ‘Who’s Who’ Dr A K Abdul Momen, chief executive Najimur Rahman, Corporate personalities RajumAlim.Finance Minister Abul Abdul Muhit said that, this year who had awarded it was his deserve. The honored will be more encouraged, Will contribute more to their respective areas and it will bring prosperity to the country.

Talk literary Selina Hossain said that, reward is the recognition of any work. Therefore, that reward is the happiness. After receiving the reward, responsibilities increased further. Artist Sahabuddin said that rewards are happiness. M E Chowdhury Shamim said that It is very proud to be awarded honor.

In the past year honorary award was given to sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Toyab Khan, Professor Shaikh Siraj, SanjidaKhatun Fiction Hasan, AjijulHuq, Akram Khan, Niaj Rahim, M AnisUd Doula, Pretty Chokroborti and barrister Monoyar Hossain Promukh.


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