Grihayan Limited

Engr Pulak Kanti Barua (FIEB)
Managing Director

By: Nayeem Adnan Zaki

In 1993, my father professor MrinalKantiBorua who is an engineer started Grihayam Ltd as a Consulting Firm and we are three brothers are engineer joined with a different job and I was the engineer at Chittagong court. But in that time digital Bangladesh was grown up. And I changed my decision took digital land surveyor from 2007 as an entrepreneur leaving the job of an engineer of Chittagong court. I came across some lacking’s the job of an engineer at Chittagong Court. I came across some lacking in the platform, because no one took the initiatives of this sector. From my point of view, it was started from the beginning of 2007. I thought a regarding plan with the strategy. From the beginning, I did not get enough response. I made 1500 employee for my office. I thought about GIS (Global Information System) by removing unemployment from our company. Digital Bangladesh was started in 2010. We started our work as a digital land survey. People of our country were not concerned about the digital land survey. In that time architect of digital Bangladesh in SajibWajed Joy and I was really encouraged by him started my company. We are moreover associated with 80% mega projects. We were ready to work with different plan table. I went to different industrialist to get advice. Our companies become succeed from 2005 to 2010. A lot of entrepreneurs was encouraged to work with the soil investigation. Prior to that a lot of company came from abroad did the work in our country. We have made our introduce as a Bangladeshi organization while involved with them. We presented our work in front of the foreign. In that Time Company came from London took an initiative to survey. To sum up it is a big survey. The company came across us so that we can do our survey work successfully including level, survey plan, etc. they promote our work to their mother British Company. British Company was astonished to analyze our work since it’s productivity of Bangladeshi people. They communicate with me. They organized an `International business convention’. People who gave the global summit in arranged in each and every year in England providing global leadership to the entrepreneur. BIDC convention in London. I got the nomination from London for the service-oriented work.

I got the call for new innovation from London and invited by them. We got an international leadership award in 2014 from London. We have arranged a meet up with a lot of international entrepreneurs. We have reached our goal in 2015. We have established a research center moving forward with the proper guideline of Bangladesh Govt. we have completed our graduation in Civil Engineering implementing our knowledge helping our Govt. and make it modern through our technology. We have achieved four international award rights after that. Moreover, we got an award from the European Union. We got the award from the Vicana convention. We achieved an award from France, London, and the USA. We achieved our membership from Bizz America and it is a club of the global businessman. Donald Trump is a member of it and associated with them. Gryhayan Ltd. was enlisted there and achieved the bitch America award achieved. Four generations digital line.

We have tried to be a trustworthy person of the Govt. Bangladesh. We also got the recognition certificate from the Govt.of Bangladesh. The founder of Gryhayan Ltd.personally helped to the Govt. of Bangladesh not because to make a lab but because to achieve the goal of Bangladesh Govt. we have a lot of problem regarding lab and we have few lands in our country Bangladesh. We are currently facing our problem for the population as well as the land problem. We cannot replace our paper against land. Moreover, the court is really helpless about the matter and sometimes it is too confuse regarding land who is the actual owner of the land. And that is the burning question of the court as well. The case cannot make it proper judgment about the matter indeed. Our country people are facing the case losing their both time and money, particularly for this reason.

The effective population is about to face with the case quarrel regarding the land problem. Neither has it had a proper solution nor salvation at all. They can’t do development let alone infrastructures and it is, however, a big problem for our country. Govt. took the initiative on digital land survey send it to the online main problem of us in ownership problem. Fourth generation light is going to be very challenging as well. Govt. took the initiatives of surveying land digitalized it and went online. If we lively set up it then people can see it easier to understand about your land and house to get it digitally. The development of rivers, village, rural area will rise up and it will become a good example of our Govt. announced it in the convention Centre to develop agricultural land. We can express it in the 3D model at bird’s eye view, then no one will bother it and your plan will not be a failure at all. Most of the people in our country are about to suffer when they take the wrong decision initially.

The main reason behind it we don’t have enough data and for this reason, we are facing a problem and solving the problem through us. We are going to arrange a fair launching it through our survey map and can do 80%work through online life topography and the service will be provided by online. We are in the problem since we neither maintaining database nor have a proper database. We are ready to solve 80% problem. We have arranged fair planning to submit the Govt.

We will provide our service through life photography. Then the online survey revelation will have happened in our country. If people become the victim of the land problem then he or she search it through online and will get the service through online. Aftermath people will make a brotherhood through this service.

Bangobondhu Satelite is prepared for Grihayan Ltd. Our product will be popular shortly. Our company is being recognized nationally and internationally. We are associated with Akij Group and did our work in Malaysia. We have provided our service in abroad. We want to establish a digital lab trained people to be digitalized. We can give our land basis support. We have made branding strong through our services. We can create employment opportunity through train them and that is the dream of Prime MinisterSeikhHasina. I cannot do flourish only when Govt. can’t patronize us. We are planning to sell off our product to Google.

I have given my speech is various universities. So that student can be encouraged through my chalk talk speech. We are seeking Govt. patronize. If Gov. can do patronize us then I can make my dream come true. We have created a digital soil investigation laboratory which is situated in Chittagong. We should be patronized; we are also associated with the nuclear power plant. We did a soil test but it was the failure of Japanese people who tried it in our country. We successfully did not soil investigation. We have created a lab in our country removing unemployment problem from our country. We focused on the financial problem for various reasons. Moreover, we are really depending on each other. We thought that we need to do construction by ten mega-projects through HDD pipeline and become popular establishing HDD pipeline. We have made a bridge with a lot of national and foreign investor due to our popularity. I have worked as an investor hunter and become famous. We are doing our country construction within four years. We have encouraged a lot of investors while arranging a meet up with them. I have started a cultural liberation war from 2010.Govt. is trying to do vision 41 in reality.

I have started `BodherJagoron ’and` Bangladesh Bengali MulNibash China Petroleum Corporation, China power, Japanese Company Khajima, Singapore based Indian company `Tarling’ who worked with us very successfully. I was also worked with Buddism. I was started`BodherJagoron’ with Mr. Abdul Momen. I am currently working with a lot of poor people so that I can remove the unemployment from our country. I am being encouraged to do work with the master plan.

People who are doing a lot of work with a lot of initiatives making associated with entrepreneur arranging the fair of taking advice from the Govt. of Bangladesh. We will participate in the fair just to clarify our impressions when we are able to introduce with our services and we can reach it to our govt. I think it is an event management programs that introduce our songs along with culture. The industry could be organized by an event. That is challenging as well. Moreover, Saffcon gives the place of the challenging platform. Govt. should be encouraged by providing the subsidy. As in `Chin MoitrySommelon’’ and the expenditure of it is really much expensive as well. If Govt. announces of our local enterprise along with industrial work which should flourish to make or create a space of 50% can be divided by the Govt. date which could be organized by this event. And it is honorable which goes with improving Bangladesh creating job opportunity for removing unemployment that will be introduced by the event.And I claim to our new generations so that they can work with positive Bangladesh.


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