Sheikh Mujib, Rabindranath and Bangaliana; By: Shah Md Mohsin


Beyond the sources of religious inspirations the local flavor of self-actualization in our conscious being; the Bengal is lucky enough to have two rich personalities. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Rabindranath Tagore are the legacies of Bengali life indeed. The present modern era with diversity, migration, and globalization any Bengali citizen breathing anywhere in the world owe to these two legends. Bengali language and national mindset have hugely been influenced by their craftsmanship. Set of standards has been set by the duo for a dignified thinking pattern and quality of life with self-respect and depth.

Bangaliana may be mentioned as the typical Bengali heritage. Bangaliana has its root in its thousands of year’s history. We do have a colorful contribution to our legacy from the farmers, mothers, cowboys, boatmen, carpenters, architects, poets, actors, singers, spiritual gurus, etc. All walk of life. Our climate, economy, culture, religion, geographical position also impacts our national mindset. In the great Bengali canvas, Sheikh Mujib and Rabindranath have portrayed the shape of Bengaliana exclusively with its own identity.

It is very common that a person who loves Bangabandhu also loves Rabindranath Tagore. Maybe the person does not know why or how this is happening within. This duo actually is the source of polyphonic tune within a Bengali soul. You can stay busy with a lot of events all over your life – still, as a Bengali, you cannot skip these duos; nor can you ignore.

Jesus was killed early in his life; still, he is impacting billions of souls for the era after era. Along with his other contribution – his death itself had a huge impact on his glow. A perfect combination of events makes a perfect legend. These patterns do not occur too often.

The murder of Sheikh Mujib, along with his whole family (almost) is an event – that has a very significant role to glorify Mujib and impact billions of modern Bengali souls. The followers of Jesus have been very significant to establish the vision of Jesus into the mass lately. Similarly, the followers of Mujib have a great responsibility to establish his vision, love, trust, style, patriotism and the ultimate Bangaliana.

Psalms of King David has enlightened the eastern community a great deal for several thousand years.  Inspired by Moses, Devid impacted peoples lives in various aspects along with music and spirituality. Tagore in Bengal has been successful to establish secularism in its true sense. Religious separation has been diminished through Tagore’s works, which is a true sense of Bengaliana. Rabindra followers are an established community to carry the spirit of the secular aesthetic soul. Folk, spirituality, love in different dimension are inherited from Tagore into a classical enlightened soul in Bengal.

The sense of dignity, freedom, and power within has been inherited into each Bengali – whether he/she lives a rural life or an urban life. The ultimate great freedom fight for the Bengali nation was well composed by the legendary Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The great charismatic leadership inspired the whole nation into a great momentum that – even within his absence, the force of gigantic influence inspired every Bengali soul with the great sense of power and self-respect ultimately brought the independence of the nation. Grabbing his historic finger – Bengali era enters into secularism, democracy, equality, love, human rights, self-respect, trust, patriotism, and freedom of the mass. In the pages of history, few Bangali has been capable to show bold presence.

Impacting the mass on a large scale is the true parameter to consider into the world heritage. Mujib and Tagor are our sense of pride and self-respect. Their legendary will be spanned over thousands of years in Bengal life and culture. Being at the beginning of Mujib-Tagore era, forward works are yet to be fulfilled to establish their legendary into the pages of history.


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