New Mobile Banking Service “NOGOD” launched by Bangladesh Post Office, By: Tauhidul Islam Apu







Bangladesh Post Office is coming up with its new digital financial service to upgrade the quality of service provided to terminal users. This service will be operated under the “Bangladesh Postal Act Amendment 2010”.

With 9886 post offices around the country and over 100 years of experience in managing monetary services, Bangladesh Post Office believes that it can protect its users from any type of digital scam. To provide the best service in the industry, it has appointed Third Wave Technologies Limited as the Master Agent. According to the postal department sources, ‘Nogod’ financial services is an extended financial service of the Bangladesh Postal Department.

Enabling fast financial transactions with various digital channels such as apps, mobile phones, ATMs, POS terminals, NFC-enabled devices, chips, electronic enveloped cards, biometric devices, tablets, and all other digital systems. In addition, 66 percent of the financial inclusion and the small and medium enterprises will be able to ‘nogod’ with the financial mainstream. This is a very useful service for those who are in business and have trouble limiting it. The service is not fully started yet. But they introduced some features. This includes cash in, cash out, send money and mobile phone balance top up, etc.

The service of bKash, rocket and other mobile banking are operated according to the rules of the Bangladesh Bank. But the ‘Nogod ’ service is being operated according to the clear law of the 2F section of ‘Bangladesh Police Act Amendment 2010’ made by the Bangladesh government.

How to open:

If you want to open a ‘Nogod ’ account you will have to go to a ‘cash initiative’ with your mobile connection. National Id card, photocopies of NID and one copy passport size photograph. Fill out the KYC form provided by the‘Nogod Attendance Point’


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