Dr.Matiur Rahman Chowdhury Chief Consultant and Aesthetic Dermatologist Skin, Hair, anti-Aging & Laser Specialist, Interview By: Mohammad Mohiuddin Moin


The Pages: How you inspire to establish Zen Skin?

Dr. Matiur Rahman: Aesthetic Dermatology is a relatively new concept in our country. Now people are getting interested or thinking about skin health or how to look better or how to look younger etc. People are more health conscious than before. Lots of people search for a center where they will get world-class skin health service, anti-aging service, non-surgical body contouring service, hair fall treatment and good advice for skin and hair care. I got training from lots of Skin & Aesthetic Center and institute in several countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, UK and worked with India’s Largest Skin Care Center “Kaya Skin Clinic”. I found that there should be a more aesthetic center that will provide world-class treatment facilities. Zen Skin is the brainchild of (1) Mr. Kamrul Hasan Tarafder, President & CEO, ASA Foundation Philippines (2) Dr. Matiur Rahman Chowdhury (3) Maj (Rtd) Abdur Rahman Tarafder (4) Mr. Shamsuzzaman Tarafder.

The Pages: Several institutes are offering laser treatment? What’s the specialty of your Zen Skin?

Dr. Matiur Rahman: Zen Skin’s specialty is our professionalism and service quality. We are equipped with the world’s best brand like CUTERA from the USA. Our chief consultant Dr.Matiur Rahman Chowdhury is the most experienced and trained Aesthetic Dermatologist of Bangladesh. Our team member is trained from Mumbai, India and has vast working experience with India’s largest skin care center “Kaya Skin Clinic”. Regarding all kind of treatment we always ensure safety.

The Pages: Some People are confused about laser treatment, but what’s the reality? Is it harmful to health?

Dr. Matiur Rahman: Laser Treatment is a full technology-based treatment. There are lots of myths and confusion is in our society. As a laser expert, I shall boldly say that Laser Treatment is totally safe for our health. There are two important factors to ensure safety. Firstly, “Laser Machine” itself, that is the quality of the machine. If the machine is from world best brand, who are trusted and tested and has a very good record when it is safe. Secondly, “Person behind the machine” who is doing the treatment. The Doctor who will perform the laser treatment must have a very clear knowledge and updated training about device and treatment protocol. If these both are from that center laser treatment is fully safe.

There may be some post-procedure redness, swelling, etc which are very normal and will go within sometimes a few hours or in a couple of days. But there are no permanent side effects if laser treatment done by expert Aesthetic Dermatologist with a good device.

The Pages: This treatment is a little beaten costly! How we can minimize the cost that more people can afford it?

Dr. Matiur Rahman: Yes, laser treatment looks like costly as world best brand devices and also laser training both are very expensive but if we calculate total and in the long run it will not costly. As for example, “Permanent Hair Reduction” we do it by “CUTERA Excel HR” device from the USA and in general, after 6-8 sessions she will get a permanent solution. She will get relieved from Monthly Expenditure for Waxing, Threading and Plucking, etc which are not permanent results.

The Pages: Every year lots of our people going to India, Thailand, Singapore, and other countries for better treatment but what about laser treatment are we ready to fulfill our demand?

Dr. Matiur Rahman: Yes, every year lots of our people go abroad for treatment. But regarding Skin Laser Treatment I can boldly say that it is not needed at all to go abroad for laser treatment. We should keep in mind that for most of the laser treatment multiple sessions are recommended. Now we have the best laser devices in few centers and few of our laser experts are very knowledgeable, experienced and trained from world best centers and trainers.

We are doing all types of Aesthetic Procedures that are available abroad. We are doing all types of laser treatment, permanent hair reduction, anti-aging treatment like Botox, Filler, Thread lift, Non-surgical body shaping, face contouring, skin lightening, nose shaping, lip contouring, hair re-growth treatment, palm & sole excess sweating treatment and also we treat all kind of skin disease.


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