DREAM. BELIEVE. SUCCEED! By: Dr. Fehmina Rahman


 Although this is what I advise every individual, this slogan today is for all the people who want to lose weight. Believe it or not, the thing that is most important in someone’s weight loss or weight gain journey. Stop looking for excuses and get on with it. Just do it. Find your strength now.

Now that we have covered the importance of motivation, the next burning question is HOW? Dear people, though I hate being the bearer of bad news, yet I must inform you that wishing for it is not going to be enough. You have to WORK FOR IT. Be it diet, exercise or somewhere like ‘REVIVE’, you have to make a structured plan for your journey.


Planning to eat less is not always wise, neither is making your diet plan yourself especially when you are not an expert,  as severe deficiencies or malnutrition occurs regularly at a cellular level due to eating wrong. You do NOT want your diet plan to just be code for the time you eat food you dislike and still be hungry. Your diet plan should be a part of your lifestyle which will keep you healthy and fit while also being easy to follow. Eating less and remaining uncomfortably hungry is not the solution. In fact, it may give rise to binge eating. Many people ask  “May I have a copy of your diet plan ma’am”. To which my answer is always, “No you can’t”. I can make you a plan that is specifically tailored to meet your own specific body type and eating habits based on your metabolism and what you want to achieve with your physique. I cannot copy it because there is no standard chart which is applicable to everyone. Each person is unique and special in their own way, and so
















is each diet program structured to complement your distinctive lifestyle and body type. Do not follow someone else’s chart as it is not meant for you and may very well be bad for you. So the inference is, to go an expert for your own personalized diet program. Do not starve. But also remember eating the wrong things may also have very negative effects. Eat well, Feel well, Be well and Look well.


You must make a plan, a lifestyle which will help you to achieve your goal.

  • Too much sleep or too little sleep both slow down your metabolism. 6-8 hours of sleep per day is enough.
  • Do NOT eat while you watch TV.
  • Do NOT carry food when you are traveling, carry water or electrolyte drinks.
  • Do NOT celebrate every occasion or mourn every loss with food.
  • Do NOT give in to comfort food.


Enough about food now, let us move on to workouts. We must all keep in mind that losing weight by exhausting your stores do not always give the best results. The amount of exercise you may need for slimming down a 100kg body is not going to be easy. You will get frustrated and may end up eating even more. And even if you somehow survive and reach your goal it is very hard to keep your weight down. But it is also a fact that an individual who says, 70 kg will have a larger amount of exercise necessary to see the same effect as the 100 kg person doing less amounts of exercise. This should be another motivating factor for people on the heavier end of the spectrum.







  • Overall weight loss and wellness

A little regular exercise is, of course, necessary to keep your metabolism up and is usually referred to as Cardio or Aerobic Exercise. Swimming, walking, running, skipping and cycling are all acceptable and effective versions of Cardio. While increasing your metabolism (the rate at which you burn fat and the sum of all chemical reactions in your body), cardio or aerobic exercises also increase the strength of your core while at the same time increasing your lung capacity. No more panting and sweating while climbing stairs. It does wonders for your body’s overall wellness. HIIT workouts are a new and advanced way of doing cardio but only for 60 minutes a week.

  • Isolating muscle work

To reduce fat in certain areas or to make them tighter it is better to do isolating and muscle-specific exercises. These, when done correctly with the right posture, can show you results as soon as 3 days.

There are many programs which provide workshops to do with Yoga and meditation, which is excellent for your spine. Pilates which combines high-intensity movements and stretches similar to Yoga but faster. These help with wellness as well.

Yoga poses for quick weight loss _18.jpg
  • Weight training and Muscle Gain

Weight training or heavy lifting comes into the picture when you have met all your fitness goals and you want to gain muscle in certain areas in your body, such as the back, the behind, your abdominals or abs and your obliques. This muscle gain needs to be implemented with a specially formulated diet plan to help gain the protein and other nutrients necessary for your desired results. It is very ill-advised to attempt this without input from a qualified trainer.


So you are dieting, have chosen a healthy lifestyle and working out on a regular basis, still, you are not losing enough. This is another point when people lose hope and say “nothing works for me I have tried everything”, followed by them giving up.

Please don’t,

  • maybe a change in an item or two in what you eat will do the trick
  • you might need to adjust your workout a little
  • maybe you are cheating just a little, sometimes, even without knowing.
  • you may also have a slow metabolic rate.
  • you may have hormone deficiencies.

If that is the case, how does one boost their metabolism?

Cardio and Aerobic exercises, HIIT programs and certain foods do the trick. There are also some vitamins, food, and medicines which boost your metabolism.

In case of hormone deficiencies, you should get a doctor to check on that and advice you on when you hit a standstill. A multitude of establishments all offer packages for weight loss, even my clinic does. Does it work? What do you think? With the big lecture I have given on motivation, diet, lifestyle, and exercise, do you still need these instruments, machines, and therapies to attain your ideal body?

Now comes the tricky answer. Yes and No. Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether you are Underweight and are having problems gaining or if you are Obese, Moderately, Severely or Morbidly so, do not try yourself, come to a professional. If you are not motivated enough, come to a professional. If you are failing on your own don’t give up, come to a professional. If you want selective fat loss or selective muscle gain, please, come to a professional.

Do these machine and/or therapies work without motivation, diet and lifestyle change? The answer is a big NO. Your mindset is very important. So first get motivated, dream, believe and then achieve. We are with you all the way. I have helped over 6000 patients to lose weight and attain their ideal physique. I am proud to say more than 70% are maintaining on their own. Knowledge well shared.

One body, One life

Don’t waste it.


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