Kiss For Religious Unity? Pope and Imam lock lips in bizarre photograph


After calling for world peace Pope Francis and Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb ruffled religious feathers when they locked lips at an inter-religious meeting in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates on Monday. The religious leaders had just signed a document about fighting extremism and decided a smooch was the perfect way to celebrate.


People were taken aback at the sight of two male religious leaders kissing in a country where public displays of affection are forbidden, not to mention same-sex relationships, which are punished with jail, beatings, torture and even deportation for non-citizens. The Pope has previously called Muslims and Christians as brothers and sisters despite the absolute opposites of faiths the two believe in.


He has also said that all people in their different ways, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists pray to the same one God, implying a God that accepts both Christian and pagan prayers, a god of confusion. Pope Francis continues to make great progress in uniting all religions under her, not under God.


Source: amredeemed


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