Florida alligators caught eating second corpse in a week


For the second time in about a week, alligators have been found feeding on a human corpse in Florida, local papers reported. The most recent victim was 16-year-old Jarvis Deliford, whose severely decomposed body was found surrounded by alligators in a St. Petersburg-area lake on the Fourth of July.

Witnesses described the boy’s body being dragged around and chewed on by multiple gators, the Orlando Sentinel reported“I’m glad I noticed before the gator got the body into the bushes and then nobody would have ever known,” witness Otis Crawford told ABC affiliate WFTS.

“It was hard to tell if it was a person or an animal,” Crawford told the Tampa Bay TimesA 45-year-old man was found the week before in Polk County — partially consumed by another gator. It was unclear whether the alligators had actually killed the victims or were just feeding on them.

Source: New York Post


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