Halda Valley has inaugurated a new venture named Halda Valley Tea Boutique


Halda Valley has brought out exquisite tea collection for the tea lovers of Bangladesh which was collected from the own estate of the company. On 14th May, Halda Valley inaugurated Halda Valley Tea Boutique at Gulshan Unimart’s Chef’s Table. Our initiative will be continued by keeping in mind the taste of true tea lovers and health-conscious people.

The Managing Director of Halda Valley Food and Beverage Ltd. Shamim Khan, Head of Business Development Ashik Pasha, Brand Manager AzmainRahman and General Manager of Pedrollo NK Limited Md. KafilUddin and Head of Sales Sharif Uddin along with other high officials were present at the inauguration ceremony. Free cup of tea was served for tasting to the customers at the ceremony.

Three category teas are available during the holy month of Ramadan- the categories are Ramadan Special Tea, Fresh Tea, and Iced Tea. Ramadan special flavors are Halda Valley Special Tea, Persian Tea, Egyptian Karkede Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, Turkish Traditional Tea, Maghrebi Honey Tea, Shahi Mint tea, Solemani Ginger Tea and more 18 flavors are also available


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