Interview with Sopna Akter, The team member of Street Child Cricket World Cup, 2019


Q1. What do you feel where you started a journey on 28th April 2019 from home to Airport?

Ans. I am very fortunate to get the biggest opportunity for the first time to travel by plane to play Cricket in World Cup 2019 at Lord’s. I was very excited and pleased.

Q2. After reaching transit in Qatar, what happened?

Ans. I have met with a person in the plane before departure in Qatar and he has provided food snacks and cold drinks for all of us after reaching in Qatar. I was very delighted with the team members and we were 5 hours transit in Qatar and we passed our time with full enjoyment and fun.

Q3. How did you reach in London?

Ans. After 5 hours of transit in Qatar, we again sit in a plane and reached Heathrow Airport on 29/04/2019.  Mr. Mike Sherriff, Ms. Hamida, Mr. Tony, Mr. Dolon, Mr. Dominic, Mr. Johanese, and Mr. Tom gave a warm reception to us. They provided snacks for us and after having snacks, by traveling a train, we went to our youth hostel to stay. The hostel was accommodated to live in 3 big rooms for all of us.

Q4. After reaching youth hostel, what you were doing?

Ans. Within half an hour, we got ready for receiving reception at the 36th Floor and we performed cultural activities like dancing, singing, and martial art. There are ED Mr. ForhadHossain delivered his valuable speech, Nizam and I gave speeches. Then, we attended a dinner party with them. We were very happy to attend this party. There was a lottery system for gifts. Many persons bought the lottery with a high price and on behalf of us, Ms. Hamida bought many gifts to draw the lottery.  After then, we came back to our youth hostel and ate some rice and dal from another hotel.

Q5. What did you do the next day on 30th April 2019?

Ans. After having breakfast, we walked some way and then traveling by train, we went to the Kids Museum and watched many kids displayed things in Museum and all of the things were wonderful. We had great fun there. Then we had some snacks like Pasta and fish fry provided by Mr. Mike Sherriff. We went to see the big bridge and having ice-creams by Mr. Sayeed. Then we started our journey to Cambridge by train and we stayed for 2 hours on the train and reached Cambridge. There Mrs. Sam and Ms. Hena received us and took us to a hotel in Cambridge.  They gave a reception in a Church and we had our dinner there. After that, Mr. Kabir took us to a hotel for dinner. After taking dinner we came back to our hotel.

Q.8 What did you do on the 5th May 2019?

Ans. We went to Cambridge field after having breakfast from the hotel. We played against England and England beat us. After some time, we played against Nepal and we beat Nepal. Then we played against Tanzania and Tanzania beat us. We played against North India and we won the game and we reached in the semi-final of the World Cup. We came back to church and we performed our cultural program by singing and dancing. After having dinner, we came back to our hotel on foot. A Bengali person provided dinner for us and we ate it in our hotel with full satisfaction.

Q9. What did you do on the 6th May 2019?

Ans. We went to church in Cambridge again after having our breakfast. We prepared ourselves for the speech we had to deliver on 07th May about Legal Identity. Our speeches were to avoid child marriage and under 18 years no child will work any burden job, legal identity and education are compulsory. A discussion was made about the quality of a presenter. We had some fun there. 

Q13. What did you do on the 10th May 2019?

Ans. Very early in the morning, we started our journey from youth hostel with Mike Sherriff and reached at Airport for coming back to Bangladesh. Our transit was Qatar and stayed there for 5 hours. We gossiped there and again started our journey to Bangladesh.  We reached Bangladesh at 5:00 am and after immigration proceeding, we got out at 7:00 am and reached our home by 9:30 am.

Q13. What is the realization after completing Street Child Cricket World Cup?

Ans. My realization after completing the Street Child Cricket World Cup is wonderful. I have learned to become a responsible person, a good person, a helpful person, time maintaining, to do work in a discipline order, to dare to say about my rights, to keep need and clean, to identify what is wrong or right for me, etc. I am totally happy about getting the biggest opportunity to participate in this World Cup and reached in the semi-finals. I will try to win the game next time.


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