Kurry Accent –Dawaat E Dilli Ramadan. By: Pages News Desk


This time is to get closer to God and practice his teachings. People from all walks of faith love this time of the year, as it is a month of rare, delicious and exquisite dishes for everyone to indulge in. This Ramadan for first time Kurry Accent is bringing the delicacies of Old Delhi to Dhaka.

During iftar, Old Delhi becomes a paradise for food connoisseurs. The lane opposite Jama Masjid – Bazar MatiaMahal – is filled with heady aromas from big heaps of keema samosas, vats of mirch masala biryani, grilling botis and kebabs and hot kesariajalebi. To cool down, there are drums filled with RoohAfza sherbet and dishes of dahivada. With so many choices, at KurryAccent you will find the best feast.

Mr.AvishekSinha, of Kurry Accent, said that atKurry Accent Iftar Bazaar guests will enjoy the JamaMashid by lanesHaleem and all the delicacies from Old Delhi Haat. Few items to mention are ChengaziChicken, BotiKebab, Mirch Masala Biryani and more. Celebrating the cuisine of the Old Dilli, Kurry Accent will be hosting iftar dinner buffet for the whole month of Ramadan. We also have special packages for corporate parties and space for 500 people at our Gardenia Banquets.



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