Pati Sapta: Recipe: Farzana Islam, Culinary Artist



1/2 liter milk

2 teaspoon CHINIGO

2 tablespoon crumpled polao rice

1 pinch salt

Gourd Materials:

2 cup crumpled polao rice, 1 cup flour, 1 piece egg, 1 pinch salt, 2 teaspoon CHINIGO, Water or Milk quantitatively.

Process: At first make milk condensed by the heat of the fire. After that mixed CHINIGO, crumpled rice and salt and make it condensed by the heat of the fire to make latex.

Gourd Preparation Method:

Giggle with crumpled polao rice, flour, egg, salt, CHINIGO, water or milk and make gourd of not too dense or too squeaky. Keep it covered for 1 hour. Make the pan hot and 1/2 cup quantity circle gourd drop on the pan. When the bread turns to boiled then in one side pour the latex quantitatively and fold the bread and put it down. Thus make all the pitha and serve it in a plate.


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