Shela Khan, Thinks Differently, Managing Director, BNS Logistics By: Prosanta Laskar


Shela Khan is working relentlessly to uphold BNS Logistics as the largest platform of promoting Bangla Film and Bangladeshi culture abroad. Under her guidance, ‘Bangla Cine Award’ becomes the most trusted platform to honor Bangla film in true sense. So BNS never defy judges’ panel against their interest. She let them find out the best one through their judgment so that they may work independently and marks the sign of best creative work. Let’s see get her voice.

Pages: do you face any problem organizing such a mega event? 

Shela: yes, it’s something like troublesome to hold such a mega event. But if you have a strong will, nothing will make you freeze. We’ve faced different types of problems and still facing. But we don’t stop and will not stop. We think that our ‘will power’ will work as the key to this event. Insha’Allah, nothing can make us stop from this event.

Pages: most of the events abroad were criticized due to the connection of human trafficking, is there any possibility to raise such a question?

Shela: Please don’t let it go far. BNS never believes such bloody technique of earning money. If we had such intention, we wouldn’t be stopped for the last two years. BNS will never do such work and I again strongly want to confirm this issue through your question that BNS Logistics is only a mega platform of ‘Event Management’ not a platform for human trafficking.

Pages: How do you motivate our artists and filmmakers?

Shela: Yes, it’s something like motivational work or CSR based work in a narrow sense. Our intention and motto are to motivate those people who’re still working in this field and wants to do their best. We only want to inspire those guys whose love and dedication still hold the nerve of our film industry.

Pages: why not TV media?

Shela: very good question, there are many platforms to inspire TV media but few in the field of film. Moreover, most of the film industry have their own renowned platform to honor their film beside international platform like Oscar. In that case, we want to establish ‘Bangla Cine Award’ as the platform of Bangladesh to honor Bangla film in its true sense so that we may raise our voice internationally.

Pages: why not other countries for the Gala Night?

Shela: we can organize in other countries like Malaysia or the Middle East and there are millions of Bangladeshis in those countries. But that may only satisfy our economic benefit but that may not earn international fame. The larger audience never means the largest focus.

Pages: future plan with ‘Bangla Cine Award’

Shela: to make it larger and the best platform to honor Bangla film.

Pages: ‘Bangla Cine Award’ in your own voice.

Shela: ‘Bangla Cine Award’ is such a motivational work that may help to bring positive change in the existing film industry. We’re now more mature and know how to define the finest work and how to inspire those. Each and everywhere BNS wants to create an example so that it would be the highest platform of promoting Bangladesh and its culture.


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